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Author Interview: Alan Morgan

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Many of you will have seen my ARC review of The Sibling’s by Alan Morgan (A.Morgan), and my praise for the debut, science fiction, and dystopian novel.  If not, you can check out my review here.

siblingsBlurb: The sky has fallen. The world has been left in ruins, with only a few spots still prospering. Jest and Fer, brother and sister, wait out for the world to come to an undignified end. But int he commotion, havoc wreaks. The two are separated, taken by separate journeys by different factions. Fer, pregnant, taken under the custody of the nefarious Operation, the political leaders of the new world, must fight for release in an attempt to reach her brother. Jest, beaten and left for dead, is brought to safety by a surreptitious military group that know more of the new world than they are letting on. The Siblings must persevere and fight through unimaginable obstacles to be reunited before it’s too late.

author intervIn honour of The Siblings release yesterday, I have interviewed the man himself, Alan Morgan. I have had the pleasure to follow Morgan’s writing journey via his blog, Hyperactive Pandemonium, and I am happy to welcome him to my blog today.

You can get your copy of The Sibling’s from Amazon Kindle or read for FREE via Kindle Unlimited.

What draws you to the genre you write in?
I have always had a tendency to look at the darker side of stories. I am a huge horror and science fiction fan. I have always loved apocalyptic story lines, and have visualised many times what the world would be like if one day it turned on itself. There is a lot of evil in the world as well as good and I like to show this in different ways to how it is actually represented in the real world. Also, I am generally a happy soul, and when I am happy my writing tends to darken as it brings everything into perspective. When I am down, I tend to write happier scenarios as a pick me up. Unfortunately, those stories are few and far between.
The Siblings has been describe as ‘surberb, well written, and fast-paced’. What three words would you use to describe your debut novel?
Apocalyptic, heart-pounding, and exhilarating.
I’m going to throw 3 character names at you, and would love to hear a little insight on each.
Jest – Before the story was written, I knew that a man and woman was sitting on a hilltop watching the world end. Once I started typing, it became apparent that they were brother and sister. Jest was an intriguing concept as he was the older brother and a realist. He blossomed on his own and his character came into his own once the two became separated.
Fer – Similar to Jest, it was only once I started writing did I realise that she was pregnant. It is rare for me to find a book where the central character is pregnant, especially in the genre I chose (I am sure that there are many) and found this perspective daunting and exciting. I feel that throughout the story I wanted her to be much more than the naive child Jest saw her and become strong and independent in her own right.
Darla – In the original concept, Darla was a bit character that did not effect the story. She kinda weaved her way into the thick of things and I liked her character so much that she stayed in. She starts off as a distant and in a way under appreciated source that her leaders see as a tool rather than a person. But once her character meets others, her true colours show and she can be seen as much more.
Some of your characters have unique names. What process do you use for naming characters?
I dislike naming characters. That is one of the most frustrating parts of my writing. When it comes to naming pets I am fine. When it comes to naming pet names for people, that’s fine. As soon as I have to think of character names, my mind is blank. So usually I always start writing without a thought to the character’s title and as soon as I need to name the person I just type the first thing that enters my mind. 
I think that is possibly why they have unique names. In this book, there are a few characters that I chose the name of in advance as otherwise it would not have fitted with the plot. 
Also, if the first name is a standard everyday name like John, then I would keep with a similar approach to titles. As Jest was the first name to be written, I think I wanted to keep the flow going with a similar unique name for his sister.
Would you care to share a teaser from The Sibling’s- pretty please?
 This is an introduction to Private Young’s character:
‘It was hot. Not the kind that people used to complain about when the weather in England reached over thirty degrees. It was skin sizzling, dehydrating hot. Any longer out in the heat and Private Young would have passed out. He was bordering on it when he got relieved of his duty. Young bumped fists with this colleague in passing; enthralled by the prospect of a cold shower and a decent sleep. He had no kinship with the other soldiers and had never learnt their names. He had no time for them or any interest in socialising. That could lead to sympathetic stories being shared and their previous lives and loves brought to reality. Private Young could not risk that; even if the temptation to converse was there, his mission would not allow it.’
Do you have a particular writing routine? Any funny quirks to share?
 I have a varied writing routine. I cannot say I have a set in stone one. For the majority of the first drafts I write, as well as all the short stories and blogs, I will use my phone. This is either done on notes or the writing apps Werdsmith and WordPress. This gives me chance to write anywhere, and I will end up emailing a chapter to myself which will then be typed up on my laptop.
My most productive general writing times are first thing in the morning and last thing at night as I do this in bed before I nod off. I am a poor sleeper and only need a little shut eye, so have been known to be writing all night. To add to the funny quirk question, I once read an interview a long time ago with Ville Valo, lead singer from HIM, and in it he made reference that he wrote songs in the bath whilst suffering from a hangover. My quirk is that I enjoy a nice bath, but tend to come up with the next part of the story and write it whilst soaking. Many chapters have been written, and once a huge revelation was sparked when something occured to me about the colour of a bath bomb.
Where do you source inspiration, and of course, that much needed motivation?
My motivation comes from positive and ambitious people. These could come from all walks of life, but passion is a huge thing. I have known that I wanted to be a writer since I was five, and now, not only do I read and watch films, but I take note of certain elements, and I like peering into the world of the writer/creator. Also the blogs I read, including yours especially, motivate and inspire me by the myriad of varied information that gets posted. I generally get inspired by day to day chores and something completely separate begs me to listen to it. Sometimes, clearing my mind of the writing world churns up fresh ideas. Oh, and writing prompts. They are fabulous things.

What is next for Alan Morgan?

I am currently preparing to promote the hell out of The Siblings. I have started writing the follow up, but will not take that seriously until the middle of May, where I will give myself a strict time frame. I am hoping that this will be released by the year’s end. I am also experimenting on styles of writing that I am not comfortable with, whilst improving my haiku writing. Fingers crossed, there may be a separate, stand alone story next year.
Thank you for joining me on my blog, and I wish you every success for The Siblings.


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Author Interviews

Interview With Linda Osborne, Founder of Tots Tune Time


Today’s author interview is a little different. I am joined by Linda Osborne, the founder of Tots Tune Time.

Linda uses her writing and creative talent in an educational way: writing songs and poems for pre-schoolers. Linda holds nursery groups in her local community, encouraging learning and exercise within young children in fun, energetic sessions based around her songs. But that is not the end of Linda’s objective. Her material has been requested and used by teachers and parents for many years, and Linda has been making big strides forward in plans to get her educational products into more schools and other child based community organisations on a wider scale, and has many products available for consumer purchase. Click here to view Tots Tune Products.

Check out one of Linda’s fun, educational videos:

1. Where did the idea for Tots Tune Time stem from?

 My passion for dance, music and my love of working with young kids inspired me.

2. Have you always had a passion for writing poetry/ songs?

After writing a short song at the request of a local nursery, I discovered a new interest. I now have quite a collection and was encouraged by the enthusiastic response of kids and teachers.

3. What inspires your songs and poems?

I keep a notepad with me all the time. I write about topics that kids can learn from. I love to write to activate imagination. I try and look at things through a child’s eyes. What would I love to listen to? I’d want to learn, laugh and be inspired.

4. What is it about writing for children that motivates you?

Their innocence, their ability to absorb information, their laughter (I love to inject humour into my writing) and their honesty.

5. Do you have a writing routine?

No. I always have new ideas so I keep a notepad with me and write things down.

6. What’s next for Tots Tune Time?

Keep creating and expanding. Sell preschool products online ( Raise funds to professionally film classes to be made available online. Look into franchising Tots’ Tune Time.

If you are interested in any of Linda’s products, you can find more on Tots Tune Time here:

Official Webpage



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Author Interview: Brianna West

briannaThis is my first author interview for this blog, so who better to interview than an author I greatly admire, whose work I love, and who is fast becoming a valued friend of mine? I first discovered Brianna West’s Promiscus Guardians Series via Twitter. I read the first book in mere days, and loved the engaging, easy to read writing style, the creative narrative, and the well developed characters- (check out my reviews of Awakening and Metamorphosis .)

After learning of my love for her first series, Brianna offered me an advanced reader copy of the first novel from her spin off series, Guardians in Love. Victor was released February 13th 2016, and I can vouch for the awesomeness of this spin off. I read Victor in one day! I just had to know everything about one of my favourite guardians. (Check out my review for Victor.)


So, without further ado, I would love to introduce Brianna West. I hope you are ready to delve into the world of Angels, Demons, Vampires, hunks, and kick-ass heroines?

Can you describe your Promiscus Guardians series in ten words or less?

Well, I’m always up for the challenge. Action-packed, sexy, intriguing, hilarious, intense, powerful, supernatural hunks everywhere!

What can readers expect from Awakening and Metamorphosis (books one and two in the series)?

They can expect a whole lot of hunks. I pack them in there like I’m worried they’d go out of style. Everything must go! Just kidding.
Izzy goes through a period of wonder, of frustration, and let’s-get-down-to-business. This world is pretty big. It’s packed with mixed-breeds, supernatural oddities that you’ve heard about, but everything has its own spin. The romance is slow building in the first book, but it’s hot, hot, hot. And then when you get to book two, Metamorphosis, there are twists and turns that you’d never have seen coming. Izzy and Lucas are tested in their relationship and the Guardians deal with a new flavour of foe.

Where did the inspiration for the Promiscus Guardian’s Series stem from?

To be honest, it really just sort of wrote itself. I was bored, rather, I was in the mood for a supernatural hunk of my own devising to do things with that would probably get me arrested in real life, and this story sort of unravelled from me. So I guess we can thank my own desperation for crazy hot muscle-infused hotties.

Your character’s have been described as ‘very real’ and ‘mysterious’- I’m going to throw out some character names and I would love for you to describe them in just three words.

Izzy: Sassy. Comical. Tenacious.
Lucas: Headstrong. Leader. Formidable.
Pavel: Perverse. Sexy. Playboy.

Is there an excerpt from your Promiscus Guardians Series that you would like to share with us?

  “If you insist,” he said smirking in a way that caused my body to warm treacherously. “I shall stay in the room to ensure you do not lose consciousness.”
  “You’re joking,” I stated with a lax jaw. He had to be. He had incredible senses and didn’t need to be in the room to know if I had lost consciousness. “What are you playing at?” I questioned angrily.
  “Nothing at all, pet,” he replied with a sensual grin, giving everything and nothing away.
This was a new Lucas; a Lucas I would have initially fantasized about—that I would most likely fantasize about after this. What had gotten into him? I shook off my bemusement.
  He took this opportunity to close the distance between us. Fingers stroked down the length of my neck, causing my body to quiver and betray me. I could feel the core deep heat in my belly and knew that the situation I now found myself was a dangerous one.
  “Did you take something?” I asked softly as I drew backwards, stalling only when my backside met the cool touch of a glass shower door.
  Lucas eased forward without hesitation, imprisoning me between the shower door and his body. And what an incredible body it was. Every edge was both smooth and powerful. The dark clothing only highlighted his overall masculinity as it hugged every curve, every contour of his massive shape.
  I was already victim to the power of his eyes, drowning in them. His full lips were still drawn up into a grin that made my toes curl and thighs quiver. Dark black silk hung from his head in the space between us, which I noted was no space at all. Honestly, if I even angled upwards our lips, bodies, and lower halves would assuredly touch.
  I thought I wouldn’t be fooled, but it would seem otherwise. My body was responding in every womanly way it possibly could. I felt the heat spread first from deep within my stomach, and soon my entire being was consumed with it. Shivers ran through me like hot wires. I was trembling but not out of fear. Definitely not out of fear.
  My words were caught in my throat even though I should be spitting fire at Lucas for even insinuating that I needed his watch. Instead, I was losing my ability and will to fight back at all.

What compels you to write in the paranormal/ supernatural genre?

Because I love it! Can’t get enough of it. Something about being with the one you love for all eternity makes my girly heart palpitate, especially if said love is with a super hot, super muscly devil like the love interests I write. Delicious.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Describe your writing routine.

I’m a panster for the most part. I do have a plot that I would like to obtain with my writing, but most times, my characters have a tendency to go the other direction if I tell them to do anything. My routine is just as chaotic. I write when I feel like it. There are mad moments, as if I’m a crazed scientist and an epiphany has just hit me, where I have an idea, go to my computer, and don’t look up from it for another three hours. Otherwise, I write pretty much all day, every day.

Your new series, Guardians in Love, is a spin off from your Promiscus Guardians series. What was your motivation behind the spin off?

To see more hunks. Well, and to also give the readers a taste of a standalone romance from the epic world I’ve created. If they are like me, they may enjoy that “falling in love” romance feeling; the initial meet-and-hump. Also, I crave variety. I like to see many, many hunks and their interesting heroines. So I thought this would offer those who are like me and opportunity to fall in love with one of the other hunks in my world.

Victor is the first book in the new series. Can you describe the book in ten words or less?

Angels! Vampires! Clumsy heroine. Smoking-hot angel boss. Incredible chemistry.

What can readers expect from Victor, book one of the Guardian’s in Love Series?

They can expect to see the world I’ve created through another set of eyes. Lilly is very different from Izzy, so it will offer my readers and opportunity to know a great more things than they would with Izzy, who is still fairly new to this world and learning them herself. Lilly has been integrated in this world for her entire life. Also, there is a lot of mystery about Victor in the main series, so this gives the reader an in depth look at the man who leads the group of Guardians in my main series.

The same as before, I am going to throw out some names and I would love for you to describe the characters in just three words.

Lilly: Clumsy. Dedicated. Kind.
Victor: Gentlemanly. Powerful. Mysterious.
Pius: Dark. Overconfident. Elusive.

Can you single out your favourite line/ paragraph/ dialogue from Victor and share it with us?

The quote speaks for itself, but this is Victor speaking to Lilly:
“There is no denying that these feelings have begun to overpower sense. I should not feel so strongly for you, my charge. Forbidden as it may be, I am left with little else but burning desperation to have you for my own.”

One last question… What are your plans for your next book? Can you give us some juicy tidbits? Pretty please?

Well, I will say that the next book is over a quarter way written! And that it is the next book in my main series!!! There is a lot of heavy, heavy stuff going in this book, but during this, there is light humor and enough funny team dynamic to keep you satisfied. Bonds are tested in this book. Foes defeated. It will be a book that satisfies the craving to know more.

Thank you to Brianna West for sharing insight into her highly praised supernatural romance novels. If you haven’t hit Amazon for your own copy of these books, then why not?

Permission to use any excerpts or quotations must be sought from the author, Brianna West.