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Blog Tour: Wardens of Archos by Sarina Langer


Today, Sarina Langer is stopping by Writerly Bookish Stuff on her blog tour for her new release, Wardens of Archos. I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of book two in the Relics of Ar’Zac series, and what a sequel it was! There is also a HUGE announcement in this post. SQUEEE! I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you on Writerly Bookish Stuff!

36184683Once a despised street rat, now the reigning queen of Rifarne, Rachael is at the centre of everyone’s attention. All she wants is a few peaceful moments to herself—

but her kingdom has other plans.

The Tramuran ambassador unnerves her.

The Krymistian lady is hiding something.

A Mist Woman brings her a gift, and a warning: Aeron’s death has released the Dark One’s shades into the world. And Rachael, as the only living seer in existence, is the only one who can stop him before he destroys everything she’s beginning to cherish. But can Rachael trust the Mist Woman, or is Kaida just another sorceress playing with her life?

There’s a chance that answers are hidden beneath the ancient Krymistian ruins of Archos.

If only she could be sure that her nightmares of Cephy are just that, and not something darker…

Rachael is running out of time. The shadows are coming, and their claws are reaching for her.

Get your copy here: Amazon

Check it out on Goodreads here: Goodreads

I wanted to know a little more about Sarina’s journey from book one to book two, and I’m sure you do too. Guess what? I threw some questions Sarina’s way, and she is here to answer them today.

Congratulations on the release of book two in the Relics of Ar’Zac series. How does it feel to have two books out in the wild?

Pretty good, Kay. Pretty good.
I’m excited and nervous and scared to see what the first reviews made of it, so I’m feeling all the things, but it feels even stranger that I’ll be writing Book 3 in this trilogy next month. This time next year this whole trilogy might be over! I’m so relieved to have reached this point with Wardens – there was a point during the second monster edit where the work seemed never-ending – but that my first trilogy might well be over in another year is what really awes me. I’ll have written and published a whole trilogy. Me! A WHOLE TRILOGY!

You hear writers speak of ‘second book syndrome’. Did you experience this at all? Was the sequel harder to write than book one?

The opposite was true for this one, actually! I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote Sparrows (I expect this will still be true to some extent when I die aged 120 on some beautiful distant planet (science in the future is advanced, okay?) but I learned so much doing it, and I put all that new knowledge into Wardens. By the time I edited Wardens, I’d written the first draft of Darkened Light which I think is my strongest one yet, so everything I learned doing that went into editing Wardens. I’ve put a lot into it and I already knew a few things that needed to happen from Book 1, like advancing Cale and Rachael’s relationship.

What has been the best experience during your Wardens of Archos journey?

Hmmm, this is difficult. I’d say the #bookstagram community has been the most enjoyable part for me, I swoon every time I see a picture of my book. That’s closely followed by the feedback my critique partners and editor gave me during the developmental round. Edits are tough, all the more so on your own books, but their feedback made me realise that I had something good, and they helped me shape it further. It wouldn’t be the same book without them.

Will you share a teaser from book two, Wardens of Archos?

Gladly! This is one of my favourite scenes. Kaida explains the Midokan creation myth to Rachael:

  “Legend claims that, a long time ago when the world was new, magic was in all things. But there was an abundance of it, and it leaked out of nature, for the world could not hold it. This leak created beings strong enough to hold that much power, and it gave them wings so they could watch over the world like no other.”

   Rachael frowned. “You believe in dragons?”

   “Of course not. Dragons went extinct a long time ago, but this is only a legend, remember? Who can say how much truth it holds.”

   Rachael doubted it held any, but didn’t want to interrupt further. Ridiculous as the legend sounded, she became more interested in it the more Kaida told her.

   “The leak supplied the dragons with too much power, and some became greedy. They sucked the magic out of all things until there was nothing left, and nature shrivelled and died. But not all dragons craved more. They fought those who did, and a fierce battle raged for many years. Many dragons died. Those who were content with what they had outnumbered those who wanted more, and finally, after seven hundred years, the last greedy dragon was slaughtered.

   “Their magic leaked out of their bodies once more, and returned to the world. Where the soil had dried up before rivers now ran clear, and where the ground had died new life sprang forth. Eventually, people evolved from the magic that had returned to the world, and therefore everyone holds at least a small amount of the gift inside them. While not all wish to use it, or know how to, magic is in all of us. The dragons fought for peace, and equality. That is what we believe and what we wish to achieve.”

What do you have in store for the future? Is book three in the pipeline?

Book 3 will be a NaNo baby. I participated for the first time last year and loved it so much I had to come back! I’m even hosting prep sessions on my blog this month! I’m hoping to have the first draft finished by the time I go on a long, tea-filled break in December. Then in January, I’ll be writing the prequel novella. There’s just so much history I can’t explain in the trilogy, like why the old sorcerers destroyed their home and all knowledge with it. I’m hoping to publish both late 2018, but at some point before that I’ll be writing the sequel to Darkened Light. And of course I’ll be publishing Darkened Light in Spring.

I haven’t shared this with anyone yet, but since I’ll need to name my NaNo project soon anyway, there’s really no need to keep it a secret – Book 3 will be called (drum roll, please, if you would)…


Blood of the Dragon

Thank you so much for having me, Kay! It’s always a pleasure to stop by.

It is always a pleasure to have you. A huge congratulations on the release of Wardens of Archos, and I shall be seeing you again tomorrow for your guest post on bullet journals. I can’t wait!

Author PictureSarina is the author of the Relics of Ar’Zac trilogy. The first book in the series, Rise of the Sparrows, was released in late May 2016. She’s currently working on the sequel and a new fantasy duology.

She’s obsessed with books and all things stationery, has a proud collection of over twenty notebooks, and squees every time she buys a new notebook, pens (hmmm, fountain pens <3) or highlighters.

In her free time she reads fantasy and sci-fi novels, plays video games, and researches human sacrifice traditions and the end of the universe.

Where to find Sarina & her books:

Website & Blog








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Blog Tour: Resurrection by Brianna West


Today, I am happy to host Brianna West on Writerly Bookish Stuff as part of the blog tour for her upcoming, April 28th release of Resurrection. Resurrection is the fourth and final book in the Promiscus Guardians series and is available to pre-order from Amazon. If you are a paranormal romance fan, then this is the series for you.

51y23vyVFNL._SY346_Izzy is back again after managing to survive villain after villain, and now she’s got her eyes on the prize—Mother Dearest. But her world takes a turn when she discovers something that might make her think twice about her usual reckless guns-blazing style.

And when a new evil villain joins forces with Mother Dearest, Izzy and Lucas are forced to partner with someone quite unlikely and a little too close to the villain they’re after.

With the final battle looming and a host of new problems, will Izzy and Lucas find a way to survive, or will the odds be too much and overcome them?

Find out in Izzy’s final kick-ass fight against the Dark, Resurrection.

Brianna West has given us a conclusion to Izzy and Lucas’ story, and what a conclusion it is. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Resurrection. I devoured it much like the rest of the series. Find my review here.

So, without further ado, let me tease you a little…

Resurrection Teaser_1_1


Release Event and Giveaways Link: Facebook Event

Buy Links:

Amazon US: Preorder here!

Amazon UK: Preorder here!

Find more ARC reviews here: Goodreads

Good luck with the upcoming release, Brianna!

71zctz9teal-_ux250_Find Brianna:


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Brianna West’s When Darkness Breaks Cover Reveal

big news!

Brianna West is back, and she has brought us some more paranormal hotness from the Promiscus Guardian’s world, only, this time, it’s in the form of a brand new series based on a favourite character of mine, Simon. When Darkness Breaks is another spin-off of the original series and is set to be a fast favourite. The series is called The Underground Guardian’s, and guess what? I can reveal the cover to you today!

First, let me share the smoking blurb with you:

  Ebony has spent the last two hundred years trying to escape the Underworld, because who she is doesn’t match what’s in her heart. Being a demon that has a pure heart is unnatural, and those around her, mostly her family, want to keep her imprisoned for the rest of her life.
  While escaping, she saves an angel imprisoned in the Underworld and the course of her entire life is change from the moment she meets the mysterious angel, Simon.
  With the help of the Promiscus Guardians, and their lesser known subgroup, the Underground Guardians, Ebony is set on a path that will lead her to discovering the true depth behind her power, the value of her pure heart, and a life worth living. But will her undeniable connection with Simon lead to her undoing?

Now, prepare yourself for the steamy cover:


If this cover doesn’t tease you enough (we all know it does), then check out these cheeky excerpts:



I had never touched anyone before, so I was only made all the more curious by it when Simon’s body tautened under my inexperienced hand, shuddering against me in a way that tantalized my own body beneath his. It was a powerful sort of feeling to have such an authority, a man who commanded many with his words and actions, weakened in some manner under my touch. It made me eager to do more; to see what I might be able to do to an angel of his caliber.
It made me hungry for more.
I nibbled my lower lip as my fingers slipped around the curve of his chin, feather-light over the strong column of his neck, which was as strained as his body was now. I watched avidly as the notch of his Adam’s apple bobbed against my fingers the instant I touched where it rested. A breath escaped Simon’s lips, drawing my gaze to his face once more.
“Is this okay?” I inquired, voice barely above a whisper. “Am I allowed to touch you like this?”
Simon’s laughter reverberated against my body, causing my hand to jerk away. His smile had grown as he shifted into an upwards position, hand breaking loose every button on his cream colored shirt and stripping the material of it away. His strong chest, which clenched and smoothed with his movements, was exposed to the pure light as Simon discarded his shirt, half sitting upwards between my legs. He took the hand I had recoiled with his sudden laughter and led it to his chest, flattening my palm against the warm skin.

Where can you find Brianna West?


Fan Group

Images and excerpts are the property of Brianna West

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Blog Tour Stop! Welcome to Brianna West

trés cool

briannaWoohoo! Guess who I get to host today on their book release blog tour?… Brianna West, that’s who! Her latest book, Pavel, book two in the Guardians in Love series, is out today!!! If you follow my reads and reviews, you will know that I’m a huge fan of Brianna’s novels. Guardians in Love is a spin off series that runs smoothly alongside Brianna’s highly acclaimed Promiscus Guardians series.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Brianna before- check out the interview here. Today, we are talking all things Pavel, hunks, bad ass heroines, and the next step. So, buckle in…

Firstly, let me introduce you to the book of the hour: Pavel!

30978632Eve’s entire existence and the secret power she harbors is forever changed when she meets the incredibly gorgeous Russian, Pavel Volkov, one night after he single-handedly saves her from being attacked. Claiming he’s part of an elite group of Guardians that police the Light and Dark, Pavel takes her into his protection.

The playboy warlock-faerie helps Eve unlock the secrets of her past, training the hidden power within as they attempt to keep her from the Dark that seeks to capture her. But with nothing short of disdain for the man claiming to be her protector, can Eve discover the truth behind who she really is? Will she be able to learn how to use her powers efficiently? And more importantly, will she be able to deflect the relentless advances of her so-called protector?

I was lucky to be an ARC reviewer for Pavel and gave it a massive 5* rating. Check out my review here.  You can buy your copy from Amazon today, this minute, right now! Just follow the link: Buy Pavel now!

blog tour.JPG

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by today. Tell us a little bit about the Guardians in Love series.

The Guardians In Love Series is all about the secondary characters from the Promiscus Guardians series and their love stories. Each book can be read separately, however, the spin off series runs along the main series (for right now) and adds extra depth to the main story.

Pavel has been highly anticipated by your readers. Why do you think this book in particular has been so sought after?

Simply, it’s all about Pavel. I joke that it’s either #TeamLucas or #TeamPavel for my books because of their highly contrasting personalities. Pavel is a sexy Russian with sticky hands and a playful nature. He’s the entire reason that this book is so sought after.

What can readers expect from not only Pavel, but also book one in the series, Victor?

They can expect to find a new book boyfriend of a high quality as well as a kickass heroine and their story. Each book is unique in its storyline but offers something for the main series as well. Each hunk is drool-worthy and will not disappoint. You’ll have a difficult time choosing who you truly love at the end of my series.

Would you share a Pavel teaser with us? Pretty please.




Do you have an idea of how many books shall be included in the Guardians in Love series?

Currently, there’s no set number. I like delving into the many different characters and their possible love interests. I’ll probably continue to add long after the Promiscus Guardians series concludes!

Who’s next? Which character is under the spotlight in the next book?

Wouldn’t you like to know! Honestly, I’m still going between a few characters that I’d like to delve into. There’s idiot and fun-loving Bernie, as well as slightly sadistic but always perfectly authoritative Simon. There’s also a few people that are curious about the princes in the main series, which may be its own spin off series altogether, who knows?

What is next in store for Brianna West?

Next is the final book in the main series. The hot tamale I’ve been planning this entire year. The final frontier…and all that crap. You can expect that the next book will tie up everything in the main series and leave you desperate to never say goodbye to Izzy and Lucas and their fun-loving Guardian crew.

A big thanks to Brianna West, and all the best for the remainder of your blog tour!

Author Links:

Brianna has a release event on Facebook that you can join: Pavel Release Event.

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Author Interview: Phil Price

trés cool

author interview. p. price- horror genreToday, I get to welcome author, Phil Price to my little ol’ blog. Phil self published his first book, Unknown, in 2015. Unknown is a tale of vampires, other worlds, and blood harvesting. I was lucky to get a copy of Unknown during a free promotion, and you can read my review  here.

I love a chance to interview indie authors and gain a little insight into their lives as writers, publishers, marketers, and all that goes with self publishing, so I jumped at the opportunity to interview Phil. Not only that, I’m a sucker for a good horror story and haven’t interviewed a single horror author to date. But right here, right now, that will be rectified.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the mind of Phil Price…

Your debut novel, Unknown, has been described as a new spin on the traditional vampire novel. Can you describe Unknown in ten words or less?

Man finds a doorway to another world, filled with vampires.

You write in many POVs and in many eras. Would you pick your favourite character and give us a little insight into their mindset?

I guess I’d go for the main protagonist, Jake. He’s a young man who has lost his wife and daughter in a hit and run. He quits the police force because the system has failed his family and he feels he can no longer protect the innocent. When he discovers unexplained abductions, he is suddenly swept along by a tide of events, almost glad that his mundane existence has taken a turn for the interesting. He is searching, although he’s not sure for what exactly.

I always offer authors a chance to showcase an excerpt from their work. Would you care to share a snippet from Unknown? Give the readers a taste of what they are missing.

My pleasure: Excerpt from Unknown by Phil Price

Have you always had a love for the horror genre, and what inspires you to write in that genre?

I wanted to draw people into the book, hopefully giving them a fright or raising the hairs on the backs of their necks. I love reading books of this genre, which started when I picked up my first copy of Salem’s Lot. People want to be scared. They want to think about what goes bump in the night. The thought of something evil and supernatural just gets my juices flowing. I was haunted for years by the vision of Mr.Barlow. Even now he gives me the willies. We live in a world full of gadgets, reality TV, and celebrity. It’s nice to read about things that lurk in the shadows, out of sight.

Are you interested in writing in other genres? Can we expect a release in the future?

I’ve got a sci-fi book currently on ice. I started it last year, but wanted to concentrate on finishing Unknown and starting the sequel. I hope to release it next year (fingers crossed). It is similar to Unknown whilst being different, if that makes sense. It will take readers to the far corners of the cosmos, with all kinds of cool stuff like wormholes, warp drives, and weird aliens. I just need to get my Star Wars/ Star Trek head on.

Why did you choose the self-publishing route? Any good or bad experiences you’d care to share?

Money. This is a guilty hobby and I couldn’t justify spending lots of money on getting published. So, I opted for the ‘indie’ route. Maybe I will choose a different way next time. I’ve had mainly good experiences so far. Nothing really negative. I had no expectations when I released Unknown. So, any experiences are good ones, which will help me next time perhaps. I’ve also met many great indie authors. Some great people who are truly talented. It’s great to read books by folk who give everything to their story. People like that inspire me to write. I’ve made some firm friends so far. Happy days!

Some writers find the idea of self-publishing a daunting one. Do you have any advice for writers who may be comtemplating self-publishing their work?

Get a friend to read it in draft form. Let them give you honest feedback. Also, get it proof read and formatted professionally. A big piece of advice for any aspiring indie, is to get themselves set up on social media well before the book comes out. I didn’t, and am now playing catch-up. Twitter, Facebook, author pages, Goodreads, blogs etc, are a great way to build a network of followers before the book comes out.

What is next for Phil Price?

Well, aside from my busy family and work life, I hoping to release the sequel to Unknown later this year. Then, maybe the sci-fi book (Zoo) next year. I have another book in the back storeroom of my brain. It will be neither horror nor sci-fi. It will be based loosely on a high profile news story of the last twenty years. It will be very dark. I can say no more than that at present. You will have to watch this space.

Thank you to Phil for joining me today!

Connect with Phil on:




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Author Interview: Sarina Langer

trés cool

sarinaOn Monday, Sarina Langer released her debut novel, Rise of the Sparrows. I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for Sarina, and can honestly say that it was a gripping, well written, captivating read. You can check out my review here.

And guess what? Sarina has stopped by my little ol’ blog on her week long blog tour! I’m thrilled to welcome Sarina to my blog today, to throw some questions at her, and get an insight into the life of the newly published author.

Firstly, congratulations on the release of your first book! Is there a particular experience, good or bad, that has stuck out for you in the drafting or publication of your debut?

There are several things which I enjoyed, like writing the first draft, doing the research, and even editing! The writing community both here on WordPress and on Twitter (or more recently on Instagram) has been amazing and incredibly welcoming. The only thing that has stuck out negatively is formatting my novel for Createspace and Amazon KDP. There were no issues with either- Createspace have responded to everything very quickly and were much faster than I expected! – But formatting anything in Open Office has proven to be a huge pain. I’ve made notes, so hopefully it’ll be a little easier next time.

Would you share your writing routine with us? Are a scheduler or an ‘as and when’ type of writer?

My writing routine is relaxed and forgiving compared to my editing routine. I usually write for roughly one hour to ninety minutes every day (apart from weekends- I take those off), which tends to result in anything between 1k and 3k words, sometimes (rarely) even more than that! If you’re not a writer you might not realise how many other things are involved. We don’t just write- we do research, we have to name people, places, maybe different magics and towns and complicated systems, and we have entire worlds to create from nothing. So, while I’m not writing every free minute I get, I do these other things which also progress the novel. My mornings are quite varied because of it.

What has been the most rewarding part of publishing your novel?

I write for myself- and I think every writer should- but I do want to inspire other people with my writing. Whether my writing inspires them to write themselves, improve their writing, or to do something else entirely doesn’t matter. Every time someone tells me that my writing makes them want to write or do something, I know I’ve done well, and that’s a very rewarding feeling.

What were your reasons for choosing the self-publishing route?

I am a control freak to a personal extent, and didn’t want to give up control over important aspects of my book, such as the cover design. It’s my business, my baby, and I want to be the one who makes all the big decisions. To be honest, I did want to go the traditional way when I started writing Rise of the Sparrows, but I thought that if I published a trilogy by myself first and did it well, my chances of getting a great agent and publishing deal would improve! A year later, and I’m not so sure anymore that I want an agent or traditional publisher. I like being in charge. This is my book, and I will work my butt off to make it work.

Can you describe Rise of the Sparrows in ten words of less? A quick summary for anyone thinking of purchasing your novel.

Oh my! Let me think…

Misjudgements, swords and daggers, magic, prophecy, trust issues, demons, prejudices and death. (You weren’t hoping for one sentence, right?)

I’m going to name three characters and I would love for you to describe them in just three words.

Rachaelsurvivor, paranoid, and defensive.

Cephyyoung, naive, and pyromancer.

Cale- strong, fiercely loyal (we’ll treat that as one, shan’t we?), and protective.

Would you share an excerpt from Rise of the Sparrows, pretty please?

This is a moment from the first chapter, where we first meet Rachael. Two men have come to rape her, and I think it shows nicely that she can defend herself when necessary, despite being homeless and malnourished. She maybe tired, hungry, and weak, but she can kick as if her life depends on it!

Rise of the Sparrows Excerpt

What is next for Sarina Langer?

I’m working on two novels at the moment- the sequel to Rise fo the Sparrows and a scifi novel, which is a bit of an experiment for me. I’ve never written two books at once and I’ve never written scifi either, so it’s a learning curve for me. But it’s an interesting and fun learning curve, and I’m enjoying all the new research I get to do! ( The end of the world, anyone? Multiple universe theory, anyone?)

Do you have any parting advice for unpublished writers out there?

A lot of people will love your writing, but a lot of other people won’t. That’s fine. You can’t please everyone, and that’s perfectly alright. Whether your first book does well or fails, you write another. And maybe make a note of some of that awesome feedback you get along the way- it will cheer you up when you get a bad review!

Thank you, Sarina for stopping by today, and I wish you every success with the blog tour and your debut novel!

Buy Rise of the Sparrows: here.

Find Sarina on:


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Author Interview: J.M.Bush

trés cool

jm bushA few weeks ago, I received a book review request email from someone unknown to me- J.M.Bush. After finding me on Twitter, and noticing I do book reviews, he sent me a personality packed email, and a request to read a free copy of his novel, Storm in Shanghai, for review. I agreed, and guess what? I’m so glad I did. Check out my review: Storm in Shanghai review.

Since the review, I have contacted J.M.Bush to see if he’d like to be a guest on my blog, and he agreed- yay! Today’s the day that I get to welcome him to my blog and introduce him to you lovely lot.

Storm in Shanghai is a fantasy novel set in present day, Shanghai. What inspired the narrative, and is fantasy your go to genre?

The story was inspired by my time living in Shanghai, China from 2011-2015. My wife was working at an international school, and I had given up my job in America as Claim Processor for State Farm Insurance to become a stay-at-home Dad as I was not allowed to work in China. Having been a musician for the past 20 years, playing in several different punk bands, I ended up forming a band in Shanghai. We played a lot, toured around China, released two albums, and were featured on National Chinese news to 1.5 billion viewers, so I had this kind of double life while living there. During the day I was a stay-at-home Dad, but at night I lived the life of a punk rock star, and those two lives had very little to do with one another. When I decided to write the book, I took that idea and wove magic into it because, yes, fantasy (and to a lesser degree) sci-fi are my go to genres.

How has living in China helped you with the drafting of Storm in Shanghai? It must have had great influence over your work.

I left China in 2015, and me and the family now live in Penang, Malaysia. The sequel to Storm in Shanghai will take place here; I made sure to set that up in the book! But my time in Shanghai absolutely helped with the sculpting of my book. In fact, many of the characters from the novel are based on the people from the Shanghai punk rock scene. On my facebook page I have recently been doing a character inspiration series, where I introduce the real life versions of the characters from the book.

Character development is an important feature in your novel. Could you describe your main character in 10 words or less?

Family man, mage, fast, son, selfless, funny, insubordinate, leader, hungry. Haha, I hope that wasn’t meant to be a complete sentence, If so, I totally cheated.

What experience, good or bad, stands out for you in the drafting or publishing process of your novel?

In drafting the novel, I learned that you’re not always as good as you think you are. After beta-reads, I recieved some harsh criticism. The story was good, but the book was to ‘explain-y’ one reader told me. He begged me to show him and not tell him why the characters were doing what they were doing, especially the Maelstrom. So, I went back and did several rewrites, which is where the flashback chapters came from for both Jaret and the Maelstrom. This really improved the way the book read as now you could follow both of the characters from their youth until the present day, and see their motivations for the wonderful or terrible things they have done. It was a great lesson- get multiple opinions and listen to your readers.

In the publishing arena, I learned that there are millions of people trying to do what I’m doing. They all want to get published and many of them write better than I do, write stories with more marketability than I do, or know the right people. After a year of queries, I had two full requests on this book. After a couple of months each, they passed. I had many partial requests, but those never panned out either. So, I made the decision to self publish. Many people think that self publishing your first novel is a mistake. They say that your first book probably isn’t good enough to publish. They say to just keep writing. But others, like Hugh Howey, say publish it. Self publish as many books as you can. Just keep writing. I prefer that advice.

What is your writing process? Structured or ‘as and when’? Plotter or pantser?

I come up with an idea, and sometimes jot down notes so as not to forget them. But when it comes time to write, I just sit down and let my fingers do the talking. I’ve explained it before like this- there is a movie playing in my mind as I write and I just type what is happening as fast as I can. I never pause to consider motivations or if this makes any sense. I just type as fast as I can to keep up with that movie in my head. The details got sorted out in editing and rewrites.

What advice would you give to an aspiring fantasy author? Is there anything you have learnt from your journey that you didn’t know when you set out?

Write something else, something that will sell. Hahaha! No, but seriously, some people will tell you to write what you want to read, and other people will tell you to write something marketable. My advice is do whatever makes you happy. If you want money, write with marketability in mind. If you have stories in your head and you want them out, write those. If you want to read a book about six dogs that can turn into cars and know karate, please write that… I want to read it.

Would you like to share a small excerpt from Storm in Shanghai? Pretty please…

Storm In Shanghai Excerpt

What is next for J.M.Bush?

Keep writing! As much as possible. The family is in talks to return to America in late 2017, but nothing is final, yet.

Here’s your chance to pitch other books or upcoming works.

I have two manuscripts currently being edited and a third being written. One is a sci-fi lovestory set in my hometown in Alabama, and taking place in the not too distant future. The second one is a mixed genre fantasy/sci fi where in ancient times, human magic users from Earth travelled through time and space on wooden ships to arrive on a planet full of dwarves. Space travel, axes and hammers, magic, and same sex relationship between the two main characters… a dwarven warrior and a dwarven sorcerer. The third book is a non-fiction collection of the articles I have been writing about my international travels. Also, I have recently committed myself to participating in a 100 day project, where I will write one short story for 100 days. I’ll be posting them all on my Wattpad. Oh, and it’s about dwarves. I’m a big fan of the short yet sturdy race that lives under the mountain.

Thank you to JM.Bush for joining me today!

Get your copy of Storm in Shanghai from Amazon today!

Find JM. Bush on







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Author Interviews

Author Interview: Alan Morgan

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Many of you will have seen my ARC review of The Sibling’s by Alan Morgan (A.Morgan), and my praise for the debut, science fiction, and dystopian novel.  If not, you can check out my review here.

siblingsBlurb: The sky has fallen. The world has been left in ruins, with only a few spots still prospering. Jest and Fer, brother and sister, wait out for the world to come to an undignified end. But int he commotion, havoc wreaks. The two are separated, taken by separate journeys by different factions. Fer, pregnant, taken under the custody of the nefarious Operation, the political leaders of the new world, must fight for release in an attempt to reach her brother. Jest, beaten and left for dead, is brought to safety by a surreptitious military group that know more of the new world than they are letting on. The Siblings must persevere and fight through unimaginable obstacles to be reunited before it’s too late.

author intervIn honour of The Siblings release yesterday, I have interviewed the man himself, Alan Morgan. I have had the pleasure to follow Morgan’s writing journey via his blog, Hyperactive Pandemonium, and I am happy to welcome him to my blog today.

You can get your copy of The Sibling’s from Amazon Kindle or read for FREE via Kindle Unlimited.

What draws you to the genre you write in?
I have always had a tendency to look at the darker side of stories. I am a huge horror and science fiction fan. I have always loved apocalyptic story lines, and have visualised many times what the world would be like if one day it turned on itself. There is a lot of evil in the world as well as good and I like to show this in different ways to how it is actually represented in the real world. Also, I am generally a happy soul, and when I am happy my writing tends to darken as it brings everything into perspective. When I am down, I tend to write happier scenarios as a pick me up. Unfortunately, those stories are few and far between.
The Siblings has been describe as ‘surberb, well written, and fast-paced’. What three words would you use to describe your debut novel?
Apocalyptic, heart-pounding, and exhilarating.
I’m going to throw 3 character names at you, and would love to hear a little insight on each.
Jest – Before the story was written, I knew that a man and woman was sitting on a hilltop watching the world end. Once I started typing, it became apparent that they were brother and sister. Jest was an intriguing concept as he was the older brother and a realist. He blossomed on his own and his character came into his own once the two became separated.
Fer – Similar to Jest, it was only once I started writing did I realise that she was pregnant. It is rare for me to find a book where the central character is pregnant, especially in the genre I chose (I am sure that there are many) and found this perspective daunting and exciting. I feel that throughout the story I wanted her to be much more than the naive child Jest saw her and become strong and independent in her own right.
Darla – In the original concept, Darla was a bit character that did not effect the story. She kinda weaved her way into the thick of things and I liked her character so much that she stayed in. She starts off as a distant and in a way under appreciated source that her leaders see as a tool rather than a person. But once her character meets others, her true colours show and she can be seen as much more.
Some of your characters have unique names. What process do you use for naming characters?
I dislike naming characters. That is one of the most frustrating parts of my writing. When it comes to naming pets I am fine. When it comes to naming pet names for people, that’s fine. As soon as I have to think of character names, my mind is blank. So usually I always start writing without a thought to the character’s title and as soon as I need to name the person I just type the first thing that enters my mind. 
I think that is possibly why they have unique names. In this book, there are a few characters that I chose the name of in advance as otherwise it would not have fitted with the plot. 
Also, if the first name is a standard everyday name like John, then I would keep with a similar approach to titles. As Jest was the first name to be written, I think I wanted to keep the flow going with a similar unique name for his sister.
Would you care to share a teaser from The Sibling’s- pretty please?
 This is an introduction to Private Young’s character:
‘It was hot. Not the kind that people used to complain about when the weather in England reached over thirty degrees. It was skin sizzling, dehydrating hot. Any longer out in the heat and Private Young would have passed out. He was bordering on it when he got relieved of his duty. Young bumped fists with this colleague in passing; enthralled by the prospect of a cold shower and a decent sleep. He had no kinship with the other soldiers and had never learnt their names. He had no time for them or any interest in socialising. That could lead to sympathetic stories being shared and their previous lives and loves brought to reality. Private Young could not risk that; even if the temptation to converse was there, his mission would not allow it.’
Do you have a particular writing routine? Any funny quirks to share?
 I have a varied writing routine. I cannot say I have a set in stone one. For the majority of the first drafts I write, as well as all the short stories and blogs, I will use my phone. This is either done on notes or the writing apps Werdsmith and WordPress. This gives me chance to write anywhere, and I will end up emailing a chapter to myself which will then be typed up on my laptop.
My most productive general writing times are first thing in the morning and last thing at night as I do this in bed before I nod off. I am a poor sleeper and only need a little shut eye, so have been known to be writing all night. To add to the funny quirk question, I once read an interview a long time ago with Ville Valo, lead singer from HIM, and in it he made reference that he wrote songs in the bath whilst suffering from a hangover. My quirk is that I enjoy a nice bath, but tend to come up with the next part of the story and write it whilst soaking. Many chapters have been written, and once a huge revelation was sparked when something occured to me about the colour of a bath bomb.
Where do you source inspiration, and of course, that much needed motivation?
My motivation comes from positive and ambitious people. These could come from all walks of life, but passion is a huge thing. I have known that I wanted to be a writer since I was five, and now, not only do I read and watch films, but I take note of certain elements, and I like peering into the world of the writer/creator. Also the blogs I read, including yours especially, motivate and inspire me by the myriad of varied information that gets posted. I generally get inspired by day to day chores and something completely separate begs me to listen to it. Sometimes, clearing my mind of the writing world churns up fresh ideas. Oh, and writing prompts. They are fabulous things.

What is next for Alan Morgan?

I am currently preparing to promote the hell out of The Siblings. I have started writing the follow up, but will not take that seriously until the middle of May, where I will give myself a strict time frame. I am hoping that this will be released by the year’s end. I am also experimenting on styles of writing that I am not comfortable with, whilst improving my haiku writing. Fingers crossed, there may be a separate, stand alone story next year.
Thank you for joining me on my blog, and I wish you every success for The Siblings.


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Author Interviews

Interview With Linda Osborne, Founder of Tots Tune Time


Today’s author interview is a little different. I am joined by Linda Osborne, the founder of Tots Tune Time.

Linda uses her writing and creative talent in an educational way: writing songs and poems for pre-schoolers. Linda holds nursery groups in her local community, encouraging learning and exercise within young children in fun, energetic sessions based around her songs. But that is not the end of Linda’s objective. Her material has been requested and used by teachers and parents for many years, and Linda has been making big strides forward in plans to get her educational products into more schools and other child based community organisations on a wider scale, and has many products available for consumer purchase. Click here to view Tots Tune Products.

Check out one of Linda’s fun, educational videos:

1. Where did the idea for Tots Tune Time stem from?

 My passion for dance, music and my love of working with young kids inspired me.

2. Have you always had a passion for writing poetry/ songs?

After writing a short song at the request of a local nursery, I discovered a new interest. I now have quite a collection and was encouraged by the enthusiastic response of kids and teachers.

3. What inspires your songs and poems?

I keep a notepad with me all the time. I write about topics that kids can learn from. I love to write to activate imagination. I try and look at things through a child’s eyes. What would I love to listen to? I’d want to learn, laugh and be inspired.

4. What is it about writing for children that motivates you?

Their innocence, their ability to absorb information, their laughter (I love to inject humour into my writing) and their honesty.

5. Do you have a writing routine?

No. I always have new ideas so I keep a notepad with me and write things down.

6. What’s next for Tots Tune Time?

Keep creating and expanding. Sell preschool products online ( Raise funds to professionally film classes to be made available online. Look into franchising Tots’ Tune Time.

If you are interested in any of Linda’s products, you can find more on Tots Tune Time here:

Official Webpage



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Author Interviews

Author Interview: Brianna West

briannaThis is my first author interview for this blog, so who better to interview than an author I greatly admire, whose work I love, and who is fast becoming a valued friend of mine? I first discovered Brianna West’s Promiscus Guardians Series via Twitter. I read the first book in mere days, and loved the engaging, easy to read writing style, the creative narrative, and the well developed characters- (check out my reviews of Awakening and Metamorphosis .)

After learning of my love for her first series, Brianna offered me an advanced reader copy of the first novel from her spin off series, Guardians in Love. Victor was released February 13th 2016, and I can vouch for the awesomeness of this spin off. I read Victor in one day! I just had to know everything about one of my favourite guardians. (Check out my review for Victor.)


So, without further ado, I would love to introduce Brianna West. I hope you are ready to delve into the world of Angels, Demons, Vampires, hunks, and kick-ass heroines?

Can you describe your Promiscus Guardians series in ten words or less?

Well, I’m always up for the challenge. Action-packed, sexy, intriguing, hilarious, intense, powerful, supernatural hunks everywhere!

What can readers expect from Awakening and Metamorphosis (books one and two in the series)?

They can expect a whole lot of hunks. I pack them in there like I’m worried they’d go out of style. Everything must go! Just kidding.
Izzy goes through a period of wonder, of frustration, and let’s-get-down-to-business. This world is pretty big. It’s packed with mixed-breeds, supernatural oddities that you’ve heard about, but everything has its own spin. The romance is slow building in the first book, but it’s hot, hot, hot. And then when you get to book two, Metamorphosis, there are twists and turns that you’d never have seen coming. Izzy and Lucas are tested in their relationship and the Guardians deal with a new flavour of foe.

Where did the inspiration for the Promiscus Guardian’s Series stem from?

To be honest, it really just sort of wrote itself. I was bored, rather, I was in the mood for a supernatural hunk of my own devising to do things with that would probably get me arrested in real life, and this story sort of unravelled from me. So I guess we can thank my own desperation for crazy hot muscle-infused hotties.

Your character’s have been described as ‘very real’ and ‘mysterious’- I’m going to throw out some character names and I would love for you to describe them in just three words.

Izzy: Sassy. Comical. Tenacious.
Lucas: Headstrong. Leader. Formidable.
Pavel: Perverse. Sexy. Playboy.

Is there an excerpt from your Promiscus Guardians Series that you would like to share with us?

  “If you insist,” he said smirking in a way that caused my body to warm treacherously. “I shall stay in the room to ensure you do not lose consciousness.”
  “You’re joking,” I stated with a lax jaw. He had to be. He had incredible senses and didn’t need to be in the room to know if I had lost consciousness. “What are you playing at?” I questioned angrily.
  “Nothing at all, pet,” he replied with a sensual grin, giving everything and nothing away.
This was a new Lucas; a Lucas I would have initially fantasized about—that I would most likely fantasize about after this. What had gotten into him? I shook off my bemusement.
  He took this opportunity to close the distance between us. Fingers stroked down the length of my neck, causing my body to quiver and betray me. I could feel the core deep heat in my belly and knew that the situation I now found myself was a dangerous one.
  “Did you take something?” I asked softly as I drew backwards, stalling only when my backside met the cool touch of a glass shower door.
  Lucas eased forward without hesitation, imprisoning me between the shower door and his body. And what an incredible body it was. Every edge was both smooth and powerful. The dark clothing only highlighted his overall masculinity as it hugged every curve, every contour of his massive shape.
  I was already victim to the power of his eyes, drowning in them. His full lips were still drawn up into a grin that made my toes curl and thighs quiver. Dark black silk hung from his head in the space between us, which I noted was no space at all. Honestly, if I even angled upwards our lips, bodies, and lower halves would assuredly touch.
  I thought I wouldn’t be fooled, but it would seem otherwise. My body was responding in every womanly way it possibly could. I felt the heat spread first from deep within my stomach, and soon my entire being was consumed with it. Shivers ran through me like hot wires. I was trembling but not out of fear. Definitely not out of fear.
  My words were caught in my throat even though I should be spitting fire at Lucas for even insinuating that I needed his watch. Instead, I was losing my ability and will to fight back at all.

What compels you to write in the paranormal/ supernatural genre?

Because I love it! Can’t get enough of it. Something about being with the one you love for all eternity makes my girly heart palpitate, especially if said love is with a super hot, super muscly devil like the love interests I write. Delicious.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Describe your writing routine.

I’m a panster for the most part. I do have a plot that I would like to obtain with my writing, but most times, my characters have a tendency to go the other direction if I tell them to do anything. My routine is just as chaotic. I write when I feel like it. There are mad moments, as if I’m a crazed scientist and an epiphany has just hit me, where I have an idea, go to my computer, and don’t look up from it for another three hours. Otherwise, I write pretty much all day, every day.

Your new series, Guardians in Love, is a spin off from your Promiscus Guardians series. What was your motivation behind the spin off?

To see more hunks. Well, and to also give the readers a taste of a standalone romance from the epic world I’ve created. If they are like me, they may enjoy that “falling in love” romance feeling; the initial meet-and-hump. Also, I crave variety. I like to see many, many hunks and their interesting heroines. So I thought this would offer those who are like me and opportunity to fall in love with one of the other hunks in my world.

Victor is the first book in the new series. Can you describe the book in ten words or less?

Angels! Vampires! Clumsy heroine. Smoking-hot angel boss. Incredible chemistry.

What can readers expect from Victor, book one of the Guardian’s in Love Series?

They can expect to see the world I’ve created through another set of eyes. Lilly is very different from Izzy, so it will offer my readers and opportunity to know a great more things than they would with Izzy, who is still fairly new to this world and learning them herself. Lilly has been integrated in this world for her entire life. Also, there is a lot of mystery about Victor in the main series, so this gives the reader an in depth look at the man who leads the group of Guardians in my main series.

The same as before, I am going to throw out some names and I would love for you to describe the characters in just three words.

Lilly: Clumsy. Dedicated. Kind.
Victor: Gentlemanly. Powerful. Mysterious.
Pius: Dark. Overconfident. Elusive.

Can you single out your favourite line/ paragraph/ dialogue from Victor and share it with us?

The quote speaks for itself, but this is Victor speaking to Lilly:
“There is no denying that these feelings have begun to overpower sense. I should not feel so strongly for you, my charge. Forbidden as it may be, I am left with little else but burning desperation to have you for my own.”

One last question… What are your plans for your next book? Can you give us some juicy tidbits? Pretty please?

Well, I will say that the next book is over a quarter way written! And that it is the next book in my main series!!! There is a lot of heavy, heavy stuff going in this book, but during this, there is light humor and enough funny team dynamic to keep you satisfied. Bonds are tested in this book. Foes defeated. It will be a book that satisfies the craving to know more.

Thank you to Brianna West for sharing insight into her highly praised supernatural romance novels. If you haven’t hit Amazon for your own copy of these books, then why not?

Permission to use any excerpts or quotations must be sought from the author, Brianna West.