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3 in 1 Book Review

Dare by Lucia Jordan 3/5

An erotic short story that hints at sex clubs, extreme initiations etc. It doesn’t quite get to that point (I guess the next book is for that), but worth a read if you like that kind of thing. I found the protagonists sudden dramatic change in confidence a little jarring, but overall, a quick read that is currently free from Amazon.

I Don’t Have a Bucket List, but My Fuck It List is a Mile Long by Ruby Rey 3/5

As you can tell from the title I have written, this cover is just a clean version of the real title.

It’s a quick, pleasant read. I enjoyed the way the author recounts personal experiences and how they have shaped her, but I wasn’t overly blown away by the humour.

This is labelled a self help book, and I can see how Ruby Rey has improved her own life and way of thinking, but it doesn’t feel so much a self help book as it is an evaluation of the authors life.

The Lamplighter’s Love by Delphine Dryden 4/5

Lamplighter’s are basically human computers in charge of controlling and directing London’s traffic in an intriguing steampunk world.

Nicholas is portrayed as an old soul despite his young age of twenty nine due to the toll the job takes on the person. Mary is naive and works as Nicholas’ apprentice. This is the perfect set up for a sexy, steampunk romance.

This book is free from Amazon at the time of this review, and if you are a steampunk lover, then definitely give this a go.

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