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To Print or Not to Print?(Author Toolbox Blog Hop)

I am now back in my full editing swing, and I have been chatting to a writer friend about our editing processes. We got onto the conversation of printing out the draft, and this is where we differ. I don’t ever print mine out. She was shocked by this.

I’m not here to say there is a right way for any part of the writing process, I just want to share my process and why it works for me.

Why I Don’t Print My Draft

There is a very simple reason why I don’t print my drafts and that is the amount of paper used. I understand if I was traditionally published, I would be sent a whopping amount of papers during the editing process, but I have the option and chose not to.

Secondly, I have a system that works for me. The main reason for printing out your manuscript to edit is to see it in a different way. I totally agree with this. We can all make errors when we’re looking at the same thing on screen for hours on end, but for me, this works by changing the font, size, and colour. I can simply do this for every draft I need to edit and it works well for me.

I do make handwritten notes in a small notebook, but 95% off my editing is done on the screen.

Finally, and this is a ‘Mum’ reason… my kids are into everything and it wouldn’t take long for my toddler to find and misplace my work. I’m not much better because I’m not always on the ball for putting things away safely and that is a recipe for editing disaster.

Do you edit on screen or prefer to print your work? Like I said, no judgement here just our own preferred methods.

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10 thoughts on “To Print or Not to Print?(Author Toolbox Blog Hop)”

  1. I don’t print either. A looooot of people have told me to try it, but I just can’t edit as efficiently when it’s printed. Also, I have terrible writing. Also, I try to avoid waste, too. Interesting discussion. Thanks for having it.


  2. I print near the final draft stage as I find I see so many things I don’t on screen: not just errors but plot holes too. I use scrap paper where I can or recycled paper on both sides, and only print a story once. I might try the different font/colour suggestion to see if it has the same effect 🙂

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  3. I don’t print every draft, but I do print out one draft. I tend to find I catch a lot of errors I’ve missed when editing on-screen, and it helps me to lay out the pages and see how my story is working. I may have to try using the different fonts and colors to see if that helps me any. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  4. I have printed my drafts, but I like your idea to change font and color and make notes in the document. I may try this for my next book.


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