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Write for You (Author Toolbox Blog Hop)

This post is more of a motivational, encouraging pick-me-up for anyone who needs it. I wanted to share the one thing that I have learnt in my time as a self published author, and that is to write for you.

Why did you start writing? Passion, a creative outlet? Has that changed over the course of your journey and are you asking yourself ‘what is the popular genre of the moment? Do people want to read this? Should I change something I like because statistics say my target audience won’t buy it?’

I’m here to tell you that the only person you need to impress is you. Yes, it is great to get sales and amazing reviews, but at the end of the day, you need to be happy with your process and your work.

I believe that your best writing comes when you stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and your style.

I just wanted to put this thought out there today, and if you are writing today, remember to make yourself happy.

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7 thoughts on “Write for You (Author Toolbox Blog Hop)”

  1. I completely agree, my problem is I’m too dang picky with myself. LOL it’s hard to turn it off even when I try. But I have to know I like/love something before I consider putting it out in the world. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to write for the love of writing.

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  2. Thank you for this. It reminds me when I used to hear people say, “only write what you know…” that would annoy me — but it really boils down to writing for yourself. I KNOW what I want to write about therefore if it’s within me, then I’m going to write it!!!! No limits. Now, whether or not others want to read it, is a whole other ballgame. But I believe, that if you write from your heart, gut, soul — write to make yourself happy, you’ll never stray and eventually, you’ll find your way to exactly where you want to be! Thank you for this… I needed to hear this again today!

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