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Book Review: One Shot by Tanya Landman

One Shot by Tanya Landman 5/5

When your childhood disappears in a blizzard.  When you’re a girl in a man’s world. When the only thing that stands between you and a life worth having is a gun. You’re only going to get one shot.

Inspired by the life of famous sharpshooter Annie Oakley.


I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and prose of Tanya Landman. The world building was immersive, and emotions of hard hitting situations were handled delicately without losing their impact.

The descriptions were so effective, for example, ‘Pa was a quiet man. Say ‘quiet’ to some folks and they think meek. Mild. Timid. Pa was none of those things. He didn’t waste breath on words, but when he did speak, every last syllable was worth hearing.’ This was on the first page and I knew exactly the type of man her father was.

This is a story of fiction that was inspired by the life of the famous shooter and star of the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Annie Oakley.

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