Picture This

Picture This: Episode 10

And here we are, the final episode of the Picture This series. Thank you for joining me on this writing prompt adventure.

From now until the New Year I will be only dropping in for book reviews and anything Christmassy that catches my fancy. I need to take some time to figure out a new routine for Writerly Bookish Stuff in 2020.

Now, back to today. Of course, this post is Christmas themed. Please, join in with your own interpretations if you want.


Finally, the house is asleep. I thought they’d never go, especially when Mum cracked open the Baileys.

The tiny box in my hand feels like a lead weight, but even so, I am certain of my choice. I place it in Josh’s stocking, my hand trembling.

It’ll be the first thing he opens tomorrow, and when he turns around, he’ll find me on one knee. I’m not one for convention, and maybe he’ll say no, but I do know that I love him and want to make a commitment.

I turn around to see Josh in the doorway, mouth agape, and a tiny box of his own in his hand. “I thought you were in the bath,” he says, blushing.

I could laugh out loud. “No, just adding some final stocking presents.”

I slip passed him as he tries to hide the box in his pocket. I think tomorrow is going to be interesting.

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