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3 in 1 Book Review

Coming Home by Geri Glenn 4/5

It’s a tried and tested narrative of a teen running away with her rebel boyfriend and them both returning years later to win back the love of her parents, but that’s not a negative. I like a little cliche when it is written well.

This is a short, Christmas read with a feel good ending. As they say, all’s well that ends well.

The snowglobe by Kristin Harmel 5/5

Poignant and moving tale of a Jewish boy meeting a Jewish girl on Christmas eve in Nazi occupied France and falling in love.

It is well written and takes us on a long journey in few pages. From Paris to Auschwitz concentration camp. I could have continued reading.

Marilyn’s Christmas Surprise by Alyssa Lindsey 3/5

This is a light hearted, Christmas read about love at first sight. There are stereotypical tropes, but I do expect that with Christmas romances. However, it is well written.

The only part I didn’t connect with is the kissing your sister’s boyfriend. Not acceptable in my book, even if it’s love at first sight. I no longer related to the characters afterward. We also didn’t learn what Amber thought of them getting together after she split with Brett.

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