Picture This

Picture This: Episode 6

I’m sticking with the Halloween theme this week, seeing as the big night is tomorrow. I will say ‘Happy Halloween’ to you and wish you a fun, safe night.


My Interpretation:

We were turned young , so we stay young. It can be frustrating when I’m refused entry to a bar or club, knowing I’m thrice the age of the oldest doorman. It’s more than a frustration for Matthew; he can’t bear this life. He was just sixteen when we were turned. At least I was eighteen, not quite a child, nearly a woman. Living as an adult man trapped in a boy’s form has taken its toll on Matthew.

My brother’s sole mission in this life of longevity is learning how to end it. Thankfully, he has failed thus far, giving me time to find someway to make this life tolerable for him.

For the past six months, I have been travelling the world over to find her. It was hard because child vampires are not common, but if you know where to look and what to ask, nothing remains hidden. Samia is sixteen in looks, but similar to us in actual age, and she is keen to leave her little island and see the world as my travelling companion. Little does she know that she is to be my sister in law.

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