Picture This

Picture This: Episode 5

I can’t believe we are already at the halfway point of this series. Thanks for sticking with me for this long, and I hope you are enjoying this series so far.

The Prompt:

My Interpretation:

“So, how are you?” Sabre asks, the look of concern creasing a line in her brow.

I shrug.

“The dreams are back, right? Otherwise, why would you call me to meet at two in the A.M.”

I stir my coffee with one of those wooden sticks, purposefully avoiding her stare. “They feel so real, like I am only half asleep, and it really feels like there is someone in my apartment… my room.”

Sabre places a hand on mine. “Dreams usually mean something different than what they seem. I think stressing over work isn’t helping. You need to let them know why you are always tired.”

“And let them think I’m on the verge of a breakdown? No way. I fought tooth and nail for that job.” I lean back from my coffee in frustration. “I actually called you because I knew you’d be up and I need distracting.”

Sabre gives an enthusiastic nod of the head. “You’re right. Let’s change the subject.” She clocks my phone on the table. “Did you get any good pics of the Christmas party? All mine are crap.”

I hand over my phone and wait patiently as she scrolls through the camera roll. Eventually, she pauses, clearly scrutinising one of the pictures. She is probably about to scolf me for taking an unflattering one of her.

“Did Freya crash at your place that night?” she asks.

“No, why?”

She zooms in on something and throws the phone across the table at me with a gasp. “Oh, my God!”

I pick up the phone and see a picture of myself sleeping in the bed. It feels as if a clamp has tightened on my chest. “How? Who could ..?”

Sabre taps the screen with shaking hands. “Zoom in on the mirror behind the bed.”

I do what she says with my heart in my throat. The reflection is of a man in a hooded coat holding my phone up in front of his face as he takes the picture. The same man I see in my so called dreams.”

Content belongs to K.J Chapman

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