Picture This

Picture This: Episode 4

I saw this stock picture and just had to use it. It jumped out at me for being equally amusing and creepy.

Feel free to join in with your own interpretation.

Picture Prompt:

My Interpretation:

The thought of going into work again makes me feel physically sick. I can’t look at that building and not regret the live I should have… still could have if I had the balls and the devil may care attitude of someone ten years younger and no mortgage.

I don’t even like my colleagues. Pretending to be happy advising the rich what to spend their money on when our salary barely affords us a weekend break away every two years.

I tell myself the same thing every morning. ‘Go in, do my job, get paid.’ I am saving for early retirement, every extra pound goes toward getting out of the rat race. And that means not spending my lunchbreaks down the pub with the team.

Suki invites me every day, and every day I tell her the same excuse. ‘Thanks, but I have got to pop home and let the human out.’

As if I own a human. Those things are way to high maintenance. My mum’s human still hasn’t learnt to shit on the garden yet.

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