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Writing by Hand #authortoolboxbloghop

Today’s #authortoolboxbloghop post is all about writing by hand, and why I feel it can be beneficial to the drafting process.

I primarily write on my laptop, but I tend to write by hand when I need to refocus:

1. Slows Down Thought Process

Writing by hand takes longer than typing. In turn, this slows down our thought processes, allowing us to not only take in what we are writing on a deeper level, but to take our time on the fundamentals of the craft.

2. Minimises Distraction

If I am on the laptop, I tend to flit between writing and social media. This break in flow is not good for my creativity. Writing by hand cuts out the distraction.

3. Always to Hand

I can easily slip a notepad and pen into my bag/ pocket. I rarely take my laptop out of the house. If inspiration strikes, I am always ready to hand write it down.

4. Prevents Editing as You Go

This may sound like a bad thing, but editing as you go can inhibit creative flow and be time consuming. If I edited as I drafted, I’d never get a story finished.

5. Beats Writer’s Block

Hand writing uses a different part of the brain than typing, so if I have writer’s block, I write by hand to see if accessing that part of the brain triggers new ideas.

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14 thoughts on “Writing by Hand #authortoolboxbloghop”

  1. My laptop has been cranky lately, and so I haven’t taken it with me when I covered some local events lately, and wow, did I have to concentrate on writing legibly! Tip 6: you won’t forget how to write by hand! πŸ™‚

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  2. I agree about writing by hand. I do it occasionally and it does help, especially with point 1 and 2. I do have to worry about writing neatly enough so I can read what I wrote when I’m typing it up. LOL It’s a great exercise and I think it taps into a different way of thinking when not looking at a screen.

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  3. Thanks for the post! I wholeheartedly agree with you–handwriting really does change the flow, and this can help stop writer’s block, immediate editing, and anxiety about what we’re writing. I’ve found too that my paragraphs tend to be shorter when I handwrite. When I later type material up, I’m often surprised at what I see. I think, in a way, this is another benefit of handwriting: if you do eventually type, it’s a built-in close look at what you’ve written, which can enable a nice second glance at words and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I need to adopt this in my present life. Once upon a time I wrote a nearly 100-page story all by hand. Today, I can’t stand my hand writing and am so impatient by how long it takes me to get the words on page. As someone who refused to learn how to type until her early twenties, I can say that I NEVER thought I’d prefer typing over handwriting. I do use handwriting to jot down notes sometimes, but I think I would benefit from doing this more often.

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