Picture This

Picture This: Episode 3

Welcome back for another Picture This post. Please, feel free to join in with your own interpretation of the prompt. Be sure to tag me in your post, so I can have a read or leave it in the comments.


My Interpretation:

I should have paid more attention to when he held my hand. That may sound silly and trivial, but looking back, it was vital.

The first time he held my hand was when I accompnaied him on his business trip to London. I thought it was sweet, walking down the road hand in hand, making a point of our love to those passing by.

But a pattern quickly was established. He took me on a mini break to Scotland and his hand never left mine. A long weekend in the Lake District. Two nights in a cottage in Cornwall. He was so much more affectionate then… when we weren’t at home.

I did notice, but I put it down to him not wanting to be affectionate in front of people he knew. I mean, he was a private man, very private it seems. Still, I should have paid more attention, but you know how those rose tinted glasses can be.

Of course, there were other signs I missed, but the hand holding thing now bugs me and taunts me, letting me know I was a fool.

However, I was ignorant until the last sign – the smack in the guts sign- the sign that finally knocked those glasses clean off my face. Well, perhaps not so much a sign as a nasty, devastating realisation.

His wife.

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