Picture This

Picture This: Episode 2

Thank you for coming back for another episode of Picture This. Remember, you are welcome to join in and create your own interpretation of the prompt.


My Interpretation:

I have laid the trap just as he asked. I daren’t do otherwise. I hate this, I hate this stupid cape, and this stupid game.

He calls himself The Wolf. I know him by no other name, but he must have had a mother, a real name, no matter how far he has fallen since.

The door to the cottage is flung open and he prowls down the steps snarling in my direction. “Is it done?” I nod in reply. “And they followed you?”

I nod again.

He cranes his neck as if sniffing the air. “Get inside and keep your mouth shut.”

He need not say it out loud. I know the drill. Lure them, trap them, and leave the rest to him. I also know I am an accomplice to murder, but if not them it will surely be me.

The poor lady that stopped for me when I fell at the side of the road… a little bit of vomit catches in my throat at the thought. I’m a pro at making it look realistic. She offered me food and water, and I ate it so quickly my famished stomach cramped from the sudden intake of food.

When I spun her the story of my living in the woods alone, she looked genuinely concerned. I mean, they all look concerned, but she actually offered to take me back to the city and call the police.

I cried as I jogged back into the woods, knowing she followed. I cry now as I hang my cape on the hook outside the door as a beacon in the gloom before I head inside. I cry as I burrow into my blankets and hold a pillow over my head to block out any sound other than my own heartbeat and sobs.

I will cry all night because there is never an end. For next week, The Wolf will make me do it all over again.

I went with this twist on the Little Red Riding hood faitytale as the gloom and sinister feel to the image inspired me.

Content belongs to K.J Chapman

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