Picture This

Picture This: Episode 1

Thanks for joining me for my last blog series of the year, Picture This. This series is all about picture prompts, writing inspiration, and short stories.

Each week, I will share a stock photo and write a short story inspired by it. You can join in if you wish. Just tag Writerly Bookish Stuff, so I can have a read.


My Interpretation:

Half the world has been destroyed and we are about thirty minutes away from extinction. They said a war in the twenty first century would end this way… they were right.

If they push the button that’s it for the world we know. We saw what happened to the southern hemisphere ten years ago. In thirty minutes, we’ll see the rest of humanity wiped out. No country is going to back down, no country will let the other win.

Hundreds of beams of light dot the night sky, flying toward the ground with such speed that they appear to have a comet tail. This is it. Civilians scream, pray, pointlessly run in every direction.

“They’re not missiles!” my squadron leader calls, trying to calm the furore, but his voice is muted by the noise of panic.

“Then, what are they, Sir?” I ask.

He shrugs and licks the sweat off his top lip. “God knows.”

The flying lights disperse through the night sky like rockets, leaving just one hovering above us. As it draws closer, the light spreads like sheet lightning until I have to shield my eyes with my forearm.

After what feels like an eternity of blinking away spots in my eyes, the light forms a shape in the sky… an angel shape I know how crazy that sounds. An outline forms with the clear shape of outstretched wings. The longer I look, the more it forms a solid humanoid shape and descends to the ground not one hundred yards from our convoy.

“Cease,” says a silky yet authoritative voice.

“Who are you? What are you?” my squadron leader asks the vision before us. I say vision because the creature – human – is andogynous in apppearance yet stunningly beautiful. So beautiful.

“I am a Messenger. You know us as angels. And we have been sent to clean up your fucking mess.”

Content belongs to K.J Chapman

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