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3 in 1 Book Review

The Day We Met by Various Authors 2/5

This book was made up of 4 short stories all based around that moment when love interests meet.

Story 1: Evie had a weird paparazzi phobia that felt so bizarre to me. I enjoyed the back and forth and teasing.

Story 2: Harry had a total 180° turn in his personality because the girl he liked wore a certain dress. The change jarred with me.

Story 3: The dialogue was not my cup of tea, but I like the idea of how they met as it was the moost natural of the four stories.

Story 4: My favourite of the four stories. I do love me a brooding, mysterious stranger who is up to no good.

That Night by J.S Cooper and Helen Cooper 3/5

Oo, that ending.

I enjoyed the storyline and of course, the shock ending and cliff hanger that is set up to drag you into buying the novel, but I wasn’t a fan of Xanders character. There’s a bad boy, then there’s a total, cheating jerk of a bad boy.

The Summer Sewing Bee by Alex Brown 3/5

The story was your average country village, country folk, rallying together to pull a wedding off. It was exactly what I expected, but the dialogue, and how ‘nice’ everyone was felt a little unbelievable.

And short story? 37% of the book and it was over. The rest was opening chapters from another book. Call it what it is… an excerpt.

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