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New Blog Series

It’s new blog series time! Let me tell you a little more about what I have in store…

The series is called First Draft because each week I will focus on a different topic to do with writing the first draft. This is the series idea that was chosen by my readers as one they wanted to see on Writerly Bookish Stuff.

I have chosen my topics and scheduled them, ready for kick off on July 17th!

July 17th: Forming the Idea

July 24th: Naming Characters

July 31st: Point of View

August 7th: World Building

August 14th: Crafting Protagonists

August 21st: Crafting Antagonists

August 28th: Character Development

September 4th: Beating Procrastination

September 11th: The Ending

September 17th: Leave it Be

I hope that discussing these topics will be of help to some. I am working from my own drafting experience, so please understand that your process may be different to mine, but I will try to cover most bases, and hopefully, there may be some tips that you can take away from each instalment.

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