Character Interviews and Aesthetics

Character Interview: Yana Adamenko

Yana is a character from my EVO Nation series. I’m really proud of her character development over the course of the trilogy. When I started writing her character I had no idea where she would end up by book 3… she surprised me.


Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that you’d be where you are now?

Never. I am so so lucky to have met my friends. They are my family. This is all very surreal.

Do you think your experience has changed you?

Of course. I am stronger in myself and have a lot more confidence. I like to think that it hasn’t changed my outlook on people, though. There are lots of good people in the world if we only look.

What are your three best traits?

I like to think people see me as friendly, loyal, and a good listener.

What are you three worst traits?

I can be introverted, I over think things, and I can be a bit gullible sometimes.


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