Character Interviews and Aesthetics

Character Interview: Quinn

Thrown to The Blue is full of characters I would happily interview, but I had to narriw it down to those I think are vital to the story, and those I just really like. Quinn is one of those characters.


I feel like we know so much, and yet, so little about Quinn.

And that’s exactly how it should be.

You are a serve. Do you feel kept in the shadows?

I have to be to a certain extent, but never with Ezra. She would never allow it.

You two have a close relationship?

As close as any 2 friends can be. She saved me. I owe her my life, but she’d never hear of it. We’re soulmates, purely platonic, but soulmates none the less.

Ezrahli is described as an anti heroine-

She is my heroine. There is no alternative for me. If some think of her as the villain, then they are the villains in Ezra’s story.

Even after this interview, I still don’t feel I know that much about Quinn.

As I said, that is exactly how it should be.


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