Character Interviews and Aesthetics

Character Interview: Ray Towley

I wanted to introduce you to an antagonist. The best villains think they’re heroes, right? Ray Towley is no different.


You have the gift of the gab–

I can talk passionately of that I am passionate about, nothing more.

Right, well, do you think your talent is why people listen to you?

People listen when they like what they hear. Speak the truth, and they will listen.


I will not sit and be made to look a fool for your little blog!

I’m just shocked at your use of the word truth.

I know what is good for the country, sometimes, people just need a little help to see it too.

So, you lie to make people see the truth?

Thats it, I’m done. You are totally unprofessional and clearly on a witch hunt. You should be ashamed.

*leaves the room with a slam of the door.


So, that was Ray. I’m sure he spoke for himself in more ways than one.

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