Character Interviews and Aesthetics

Character Interview: Reed Mercer

I finally get to introduce you to Reed, my second POV in Thrown to The Blue. He is my cutthroat thief, a prince of the streets.

If you want to learn more, download your copy of Thrown to The Blue.


How would you describe yourself?

A man who favours loyalty and family above all else.

Are you sure your loyalty lies in the right place?

Ye like to tread a fine line, eh? My loyalty lies where I say it lies.

Do you believe in fate?

Fate, prophecy. I believe my life is tightly orchestrated. All lives are. Ye can nay deny that it was designed that I meet Ezra.

Did you ever doubt your role in her story?

Oh, it is her story, eh? I nay doubted Ezra, so that was enough.

What would you say is your worst trait?

That’s a foolish question. I think traits are a balance of personality. Good and evil lives in us all. Even ye.


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