April Update

We’re already 2 days into May and I have only just remembered to post this update… Says it all.

May is busy for me. Like, super busy. My little boy turns one, but not before he is Christened. My daughter is dancing the Flora once again. If you have not heard of the Flora dance in Cornwall, google it! So, there is lots of organising for me to sort.

Anyway, I shall let you know how the month of April went…


As you may already know, I am a CampNaNo winner. Whoop! I wrote a small amount everyday to hit 6k words. I shall continue on with my small targets as this works well for me. I might start posting daily word counts to my Instagram stories.


I’m well into my Character Interview posts. Yesterday’s post was an interview with a favourite of mine, Adam Lovick. I hope you are enjoying the posts and getting to know my characters some more.

I haven’t even started looking at the next series, yet. I usually like to schedule ahead of time, but I’m barely getting current blog posts live on time. That’s just life I guess.


I read nothing! Zilch! I reckon that is a first for me. With NaNo and adulting, reading came last. I’m a bed time reader, but during April I was falling into bed like a zombie.

My current read is Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher. I might save it for the summer and crack on with some non fiction in May.

Coming Up

There will be a blog post next week explaining a little idea I’m deciding on to do with how I edit. Stay tuned.

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