CampNaNo Winner!

I did it! I hit my 6k word target with time to spare. I found the process truly eye opening. I used to think that if I didn’t have time to sit and write 1k words, I would wait until I did as there was no point just typing a few hundred.

How wrong I was!

I wrote approximately 200 words a day, and most days that was all I had time for, but those 200 words a day added up to 6k in the month!!! If I had waited for a time where I could crack out at least 1k words, I would not have 6k written. It may not be much to prolific writers, but with mum duties and adulting, this was perfect for me and I plan to continue this way.

Good luck to those still plowing on with CampNaNo, and congrats to those who have hit their targets already.

I shall be back for July’s CampNaNo with bells on.

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