Character Interviews and Aesthetics

Character Interview: King

There are only two important characters in Zombie Playlist, Dagger, the MC you met last week, and King.

King effectively became Dagger’s conscience and reminder of the world before the apocalypse. King is good for her, although she won’t admit it, and I enjoyed weaving him into her life.


Describe yourself in just three words.

Friendly, adaptable, and slightly annoying.

How are you dealing with the current state of the world?

You’ve just got to find your little slice of the world and protect it with all you have, whether that be a person or a home. I’m lucky to have both.

You and Dagger are an unlikely pairing. Did you know you’d be in some way significant to each other when you first me

At first, I knew she was my best bet at staying alive. She was tough… really tough. She was also hardened and cold. Dagger just needed reminding of connection and compassion and love. Aķkknd I needed someone to say it how it is. I don’t think unlikely pairing is the right summise… compatible pairing is more accurate..

Name three things that have helped you survived the apocalypse.

My humanity, luck, and Dagger (the person not the weapon).


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