Character Interviews and Aesthetics

Character Interview: Dagger

Today’s interview is with Dagger, the protag (should I say anti-heroine) in my zombie novella, Zombie Playlist.

I LOVED writing Dagger. She is a sarcastic, straight talking, zombie apocalypse survivor, and a self proclaimed asshole, as only the assholes survive the apocalypse. Dagger was the character I was most nervous about releasing into the wild, but she received a fantastic reception. I hope you like her too.


Dagger, why do you think that you survived a zombie apocalypse?

I know how to handle myself and I didn’t have anyone to drag my ass down. Plus, I’m an asshole… it helps.

Do you think I gave a fair appraisal of you in my introduction?

You forgot unapologetically beautiful, but yeah, it’ll do.

Could you give me some zombie survival tips?

1. Kill them before they kill you. That goes for the living as well as the dead, bitey assholes.

2. See point one.

There’s one person who might say that you’re not as cold and heartless as you first seem? What do you have to say about that?


Nothing at all?

*Smirks* Well, maybe you are shit at appraisals after all.

Okay, fair play. What quote do you choose to live by?

See zombie survival tip one.


You can get your copy of Zombie Playlist from Amazon.

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