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Character Interview: Teddie Leason

Theyda ‘Teddie’ Leason is the protag in my first book series, EVO Nation. I started taking notes and drafting parts of EVO Nation 9 years ago! I feel that Teddie has been with me much longer, and now, she’s here with you…


Teddie, what do you want to be remembered as?

The girl who didn’t stop ’til it was done.

The best moment of your life?

The days after it all. I mean, it’s weird trying to figure out where I fit in this new world, but I wake up every day, I’m surrounded by people I love, and I get to just be Teddie, and not shared out as a million, distorted versions of myself. Seriously, everyone wanted a piece of who they thought I was.

The worst moment of your life?

Wow, I have so many and they all involve someone dying. I’d rather not go into detail.

What would you say are you best traits?

I’m loyal, I treat friends as family, and I’m strong willed.

What would you say are your worst traits?

Sometimes, I need to listen more to the people who care about me. Their advice is given in love.

What quote do you chose to live by?

‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.’

That is a quote by Charles. R. Swindoll. I have it framed on the wall. It was a gift from Adam.


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