March Update

March has been a strange one. On a personal front, I have been productive. Lots of things have been planned and organised, and we’re steaming ahead into spring. My writing, however, has floundered yet again.


Floundered is the right word. I feel like I’m treading water – badly – with my WIP, Zombies and Budgie Smugglers. (If you missed the title reveal, that is what it will be called.)

It’s not that I don’t know where I want to take it, but that I have been fixing a plot hole before CampNaNo starts on April 1st. I think I’ve been slacking with the writing because I know I have the motivation of NaNo to come.


This month I finished one book, and I am half way through another. I buddy read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas with Sarina Langer and Alyssa Victoria. We all gave it 5*. It is such an important book, and I highly recommend it.

Find my review here.


I have announced all three of my remaining blog series for 2019. Of course, it’s with thanks to those of you who got in touch with ideas on what you wanted to see.

First up, is the character interview series starting on April 10th. This will run for ten weeks.

Then, we will have a series all about writing the first draft, followed up with a picture prompt series.


Yes, I signed up despite being adamant I wasn’t going to. I need the motivation, and I have joined a cabin of writer friends to hold me accountable. I shall post weekly updates on a Sunday about my NaNo journey.

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