Thrown to The Blue

Thrown to The Blue

This week, I’m focussing on my fantasy book, Thrown to The Blue. Thrown to The Blue was an idea that popped into my head when I was supposed to be drafting EVO Ghost. The idea snowballed, I couldn’t stop writing, and I wrote the last 30k words during a CampNaNo month! I’m very proud of how this book turned out.

I’m offering you a chance to grab a copy of Thrown to The Blue for free until March 24th! Get your copy from Amazon now.

The feedback for Thrown to The Blue was a huge confidence boost for me to go on and write my first zombie novella, Zombie Playlist.

Praise for Thrown to The Blue:

KJ Chapman has created a fantasy world on a par with Game of Thrones, intricately detailed.’ – Amazon review.

An impressive narrative that is not afraid to be different. It is a daring fantasy that will leave you reeling long after the last chapter’ has been read.’ – Amazon review.

‘Ezra is the perfect heroine- independent, fiercly strong-willed, and protective.’ – Goodreads review.

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