Prompt Me Series

Prompt Me #10

Thank you to everyone who has popped by over the last 10 weeks to read my Prompt Me posts. Can you believe that 10 weeks have gone by already?

However, week 10 also means that you can only get my ebook, Prompt Me, at the sale price of 0.99p for one more week.

Next week, I will announce the new series starting in four weeks. I like a little break in between series for my own sanity. It also gives me scheduling time.

To replace this post for the next four weeks there will be a little post with information about my published books.


Black velvet is never used by the light occult. It is said to be a bad omen.

My Interpretation:

It’s after dark, and definitely after curfew. I could have been seriously punished just for coming here. To find that Fenrin isn’t here doesn’t sit well with me. The warning bell is guaranteed to sound within the next five minutes, and no one is stupid enough to go out after that.

The only place Fenrin would go after dark is to my hut, it’s the only reason worth the punishment. Staying out in the dark after the bell is certain death.

Not only that, his door was unlocked too. That alone puts a knot in my tummy. They can work doors. God knows where those things came from or how they have any form of consciousness. It is said that they are just minions to a darker force. The only ones to find out are the unlucky ones. The truth will die with them.

We have been terrorised by them for the past five winters. Each night they prowl. Each night they look to our community as a source of food. Not in the flesh and bone sense, but in the sense that they feed off of our essence. The light occult is a powerful source of magic, and somehow, they feed from it. Only a being of the dark occult would or could do such a thing. You feed from an essence, you kill the being.

Where are you, Fen? The warning bell sounds and my stomach sinks. Hopefully, he made it to another hut. Perhaps he went to my hut. I lock the door with iron, and then with magic. Then, I snuff the candle.

I sit for what feels like hours staring at the door. I hear no screams, so that’s a good sign. If everyone is safe, they’ll move on. Please, move on.

There is a bang against the door and it shudders. I clasp my hand to my mouth to muffle a scream. How can they know I’m in here? Another bang. I scuttle back toward the pantry incase my magical protection fails.

The handle turns, the lock clicks, and into the hut flies Fenrin. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees me. I stumble backward in fear and shock for he wears a black velvet cape that reaches to the ground. Black velvet is never used by the light occult. It is said to be a bad omen. The irises of his eyes are nonexistent. It is in that moment I know the truth.

Thank you again for following my Prompt Me series. Remember to grab your copy of Prompt Me via the link above whilst it is still just 99p.

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