February Update

February is over… what?! Huh?! Eh?! It’s time to recount my month, but it’s gone so fast I can’t see how much I actually accomplished. I guess that’s the purpose of these posts…


I can sum up my month of writing by saying that I had enough material to do a Teaser Tuesday post each week, but that’s about it. It didn’t help that half term holiday fell this month, and having both kids home really does effect my writing time.


I’ve got some new faces this month, and it’s great to know more and more of you are interested im Writerly Bookish Stuff.

I also did a post about what you wanted to see in my future blog series. I have taken your ideas into account and planned out blog series 3 and 4. More on that soon…

Talking about blog series, next week is the last installment of the Prompt Me series. Those ten weeks have flown by. The week after, you will find out about series 2, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Two books was my max this month. I’ve only been reading before bed, so getting through 2 was a feat. You can find the full reviews here:

Switched by Amanda Hocking.

How to be Champion by Sarah Millican.

I’m hoping to get much further with my WIP in March, then maybe a title reveal will be on the cards.

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