Prompt Me Series

Prompt Me #9

Did you know that I have a writing prompts ebook available from Amazon? Prompt Me is the basis of this series and will be just 99p for the duration.

This series will run for 10 weeks. Each week, I take a different prompt from the book and expand on it.

You can join in too. Whether it be a paragraph or a short story, follow me in getting creative, tag me to let me know, and I will feature a snippet of your interpretation on Writerly Bookish Stuff and send my readers your way.

If you are just here to read and not partake, that’s great too. Thank you for stopping by.


What would you do if the news reporter on your television started talking directly to you?

My Interpretation:

I don’t like this reporter much. She always fumbles her lines, and reporters read off an autocue for Christ’s sake. Today, she fiddles with her prop papers like she’s either scared for her life or totally tripping out on drugs.

That’s odd, she keeps looking to someone or something behind the camera. Her eyes keep flicking just to the left. There! She did it again. How unprofessional.

I head to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal. I can’t listen to her waffle on. Just having it as ambient noise winds me up.

“Okay, you want me to read this? Yes, I will. Please, don’t hurt us.”

What the hell? I race back into the lounge, hurdling the coffee table in the process. It’s all kicking off down at W.R.S News. I knew something was more off than usual.

The reporter’s hands shake uncontrollably as she reads the first line from a sheet of lined paper.

“Sandy Mellor of 143 Abbott Drive, you have 14 minutes to get to the W.R.S News studio or everyone here will die.”

I stumble back onto the couch. How is this possible?

“Thirty lives are in your hands.”

The woman starts sobbing and pushes the paper away in disgust. Then, she looks at me, really looks at me. It’s as if her eyes bore into my soul through the screen. “Please, Sandy, whoever you are… help us.”

Next week is the last episode in the Prompt Me series. Make sure you pop in to see the finale.

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