Prompt Me Series

Prompt Me #8

Did you know that I have a writing prompts ebook available from Amazon? Prompt Me is the basis of this series and will be just 99p for the duration.

This series will run for 10 weeks. Each week, I take a different prompt from the book and expand on it.

You can join in too. Whether it be a paragraph or a short story, follow me in getting creative, tag me to let me know, and I will feature a snippet of your interpretation on Writerly Bookish Stuff and send my readers your way.

If you are just here to read and not partake, that’s great too. Thank you for stopping by.


“Please, tell me you did not just polish the silver with my grandfather’s ashes?”


“I’ve apologised, what more do you want?”

“My grandfather’s ashes! I can’t believe you polished the silver with my grandfather’s ashes. What are you, some Victorian house-maid?” She shakes her head and growls in her throat. “You’re a total idiot!”

“Hey, now there is no need for that. I said I am sorry, but maybe next time, don’t keep your grandfather in a coffee tin on the hearth.” She looks about to explode. I hold my hands up and make my way to the door. “Just saying.”

Remember, if you are joining in with this series, let me know in the comments and tag me in your posts. Whether they be blog or social media, let me have a read of your interpretation. It can be anything from just a paragraph to a short story.

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