Prompt Me Series

Prompt Me #6

Did you know that I have a writing prompts ebook available from Amazon? Prompt Me is the basis of this series and will be just 99p for the duration.


This series will run for 10 weeks. Each week, I take a different prompt from the book and expand on it.

You can join in too. Whether it be a paragraph or a short story, follow me in getting creative, tag me to let me know, and I will feature a snippet of your interpretation on Writerly Bookish Stuff and send my readers your way.

If you are just here to read and not partake, that’s great too. Thank you for stopping by.


What would you do if your twin asked you to pretend to be them, so they could avoid a prison sentence?

My Interpretation:

“Please, you have to do this. I’d do it for you.”

I feel awful having to ask such a thing, but if the tables were turned, I would do anything for my brother. They only saw my face on the cctv, so technically, it could have been Stefan. However, it won’t be long before we both receive a visit.

Stefan sighs in exasperation. “Yes, but the thing is, you’d never need to. I don’t pull this kind of shit! I’ve worked hard to get to where I am. Besides, you haven’t shown your face around here in two years, and now, you ask this of me. Why would you think that I would take the fall for you? And why would I need to? Jail time is old hat for you. What’s thirteen months more?”

He’s right, he owes me nothing. In my defense, I only stay away to keep trouble from his door. Once he was elected, I knew that he’d want me out of the picture. Only now, the trouble is a little more serious.

“You know I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate. It’s kind of a life or death situation.”

He laughs now. “Typical Xander, dramatic as always. Like I said, it’s just thirteen months. I know the sentence for your crime, I did my research.”

“Thirteen months for someone without prior. Death for someone with five sentences already under their belt.

Stefan’s face pales. “You’re at five? How the fu–?” He sits heavily into the armchair. “You promised Dad after the third that you’d steer clear of your old ways. How could you be so bloody stupid? Five is the limit, you know this.”

I do know this. I’ve known it since the law was changed in 2076 to sentence anyone with more than five convictions to death. I also knew it when I was stealing drugs from the pharmacy for Fiona’s sick baby. I’d do it again to know that little girl had a fair chance of survival, just like all those rich bastards, just like my brother’s, ‘mister politician’s’, kids.

“I’m not going to make excuses because I know you won’t believe me. Will you help me? Will you save my life?”

Stefan stands, straightens his jacket that screams I’m rich and you’re not, and opens the door. “I’m in a position of power now, Xander. I have no need to steal, and no one would believe it of me. So, no, I won’t.”

I physically recoil. Who is this person I thought I could trust. “You’d let me die?”

“If it means protecting my family and what I have worked hard for.”

I push my fist against my mouth to stop the vomit that rises in my throat. “I am your family.”

“And rest assured I will write as such on your head stone.”

Remember, if you are joining in with this series, let me know in the comments and tag me in your posts. Whether they be blog or social media, let me have a read of your interpretation. It can be anything from just a paragraph to a short story.

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