January Update

How are we already a month into 2019? I hope you have had a productive month and are on target with resolutions if you made them. I am pleased with my achievements this month. This is a round up post for January, and a way for me to see exactly what I have accomplished.


As I have more writing plans this year, I have set a Goodreads reading challenge of just 25 books. I have read two books in January. (Links to full reviews).

My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen

Demon’s Bloodlust by Brianna West

Ten Days in a Mad-House by Nellie Bly


Writerly Bookish Stuff has had a revamp. Teaser Tuesday, Sharing Sundays, and my new Prompt Me series have started this month, and I’m thrilled to welcome new followers.


I promised myself that I’d write everyday of January. I stuck to my promise and have had a productive month progressing my WIP. Granted, some days I only wrote 200 words, but I’m proud of myself for finding time, even 15 minutes, to get something on the page.

I’m currently prepping for a title, cover, and blurb reveal of my WIP in the nearish future. If nothing else, it’s great motivation to get this first draft finished.

Has your January been productive? Do you have any big plans for the coming months?

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