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Demon’s Bloodlust by Brianna West

Demon’s Bloodlust by Brianna West 5/5

Althea and Nikolai are already meant for greatness. The children of infamous Promiscus Guardians, it is only natural that they would be expected to be nothing less than perfect when it came to their own careers as the protectors of Light and defeaters of Dark.

But when a super villain and an old, unfortunate blast from the past come a-knockin’, Al and Niko are forced to see their long-standing friendship in a totally different light. And it might just put to test these childhood friends who do not know the first thing about love.

The New Guardian Generation ventures into the already well-established world of the Promiscus Guardians. Old faces join new ones in this brand-new series. But the laughs, adventure, and romance are what you come to expect of the Guardians.


The babies are all grown up!!!! If you haven’t read of West’s extensive Promiscus Guardians universe, then you won’t know what I’m on about, but following the lives of the parents, and now, the babies (who are now adults) is totally awesome.

Seeing Izzy and Lucas as parental figures is just eeek! And the relationship between Althea and Nikolai is like watching an Izzy and Pavel play-out that never happened in the Promiscus Guardians Series. Juicy juicy!

I always say that slipping back into one of Wests Guardians books (there are many books and spin offs set in the one universe) is so easy because the world building is so extensive and built upon that I know everyone to an extent, and old characters pop up in a new narrative and are seen through the eyes of the main character in each book, so each book shows a new aspect to our old and trusty Guardians.

I never know how West is going to expand her universe, but she manages it with ease and keeps it fresh and intriguing.

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