Prompt Me Series

First Blog Series of 2019: What’s It All About?

Did you know that I have published a writing prompt ebook? Prompt Me was published in 2016. You can get a copy for just 99p from Amazon for the 10 weeks that this blog series is running. This series will start on January 2nd.

So, what is this blog series? This series is all about Prompt Me. Each week, I shall choose one of the one hundred and fifty prompts and expand on it.

I invite you to join in with this series on your blog/ social media each week, and I would love to feature a snippet of your interpretations on Writerly Bookish Stuff with links to send my readers your way.

However, If you just want to stop by and read my prompt interpretation that’s awesome too.

I hope you pop in on January 2nd, and don’t forget to grab your copy of Prompt Me at the discounted price.

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