Blogmas Day 22

Leftover Turkey Recipes

I know this post is technically for after Christmas, but it’s not too early to start thinking about leftover turkey. There’s no need to waste a scrap if you forward plan.

Here are 5 recipe links to use up leftover turkey:

Fiesta Turkey Soup has a scrummy soup recipe. If you want a little spice on Boxing Day, this recipe is for you.

Turkey Carnitas has a recipe to transform your turkey into juicy, crispy shreds that are similar to carnitas.

Turkey Quesadillas has probably my favourite recipe in this list. Quesadillas would make a perfect Boxing Day dinner in my opinion.

Turkey Stock

Even the carcass doesn’t have to go to waste with’s recipe for making yummy stock to use in various recipes.

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Do you have guests on Boxing day? Have a big pot of’s turkey chili on the go to feed many on a budget.

I hope something tickles your fancy. These recipes are just a few I have picked out. The list is endless. Let’s vow not to waste food this Christmastime.

Content belongs to K.J.Chapman

For recipe sources click the links


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