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Book Review: Captured by a Blade by Brianna West

Captured by a Blade by Brianna West 5/5

Tee knew she wasn’t your average high school girl. She had fangs and super human strength, with an affinity for wearing all black.
Until that fateful night, Tee thought she was the only one of her kind–a mix-breed supernatural with a mean punch.
Until she met Blade.
Then everything Tee ever knew about herself changed in one single night–a night that a simple misunderstanding would lead to Tee discovering the vast underground of the Promiscus Guardians.


I read this short story ages ago, but for some reason I didn’t post my review *naughty K.J.* I wanted to have a re-read before posting this review to refresh my memory.

West’s promiscus guardians universe is extensive and so well rounded that it’s incredibly easy to slip back in. This short is an extension of that world, although, I would say this story is perhaps a little more new adult genre which opens up the books to a slightly different demographic.

Tee and Blade are from the same world, but are worlds apart. They make a great duo, and the back and forth between them gave shades of light and humour to the narrative.

I shall watch this space to see what West has in store for these two.

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