Blogmas Day 2

Etsy Gifts for Booklovers

Blogmas day 2 is here! I love making these posts because I basically get to online shop for things I like. I also like to keep it real and showcase handmade gifts that average, working class families can afford. None of the gifts I have found breach the £20 limit.

Under £5

Nika Charms and Gifts make and sell the most adorable bookmarks. My favourites are under £5. There is a £1.50 postage charge, but as the item itself is less than £5, I wanted to include it in this section.

As an alternative, bookmarks printed on cardstock are cheaper still.


Artisanal Ane creates beautiful Kindle sleeves to keep your Kindles safe and snug. A Kindle sleeve costs £7.50 with £1.50 postage.


Poppins and Co have so many stunning prints that booklovers will gush over. This Little Women quote is just £11.99 with free p&p to the UK.


Pretty Rose Home Decor make weighted, fabric bags that make nifty bookends. You can grab a pair for £17.50 and free p&p.

I hope these gifts have given you inspiration to buy a perfect gift for your loved one that won’t break the bank.

Content belongs to K.J.Chapman

Photos belong to the ETSY sellers (follow links for original sources)

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