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Review: Our Frozen Wings by Becky Wicks

Our Frozen Wings by Becky Wicks 3.5/5

“It wasn’t like regular butterflies, Ella thought, watching Oscar turn from distant shapes into the boy she loved as he walked towards her in the snow. Regular butterflies were the sign of a sudden realization, a sudden flash in time that marked the start of all your words and emotions and actions being said and done for someone else. With Ella, there had been no such moment.

Ella’s love for Oscar was advanced, she liked to think. It was more like a fleet of caterpillars moving slowly but surely through her world. Each little caterpillar carried on its back a secret, traveling back and forth between her and Oscar; strong, silent and consistent until one day, the caterpillars simply grew wings.”


This short was pleasantly surprising. Wicks handled the narrative well and fed the conclusion to the reader in tidbits. However I did guess the ending pretty early on in the story, hence my rating.

This short was free on Amazon, and I am glad that this isnt just another ‘come and pay to read my other books to get the conclusion’ short story. This book can standalone, and has a full conclusion. If the reader wants to pay to reads Wicks’ other books it is based on writing skill alone. So, thumbs up for that.

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