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Book Review: What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan

What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan 3.5/5

Juniper Townsend died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the ripe, old age of 22.
However, death isn’t the end. In Limbo, she finds a foggy wasteland and strange creatures. She also discovers that during night hours, she can walk among the living. But there are rules. Never influence destiny. Never interfere, because the consequences are dire.
Will she sacrifice eternal freedom to save the innocent?


An interesting take on the afterlife, or at least a part of the afterlife. Ryan adds characters with interesting dynamics in their personalities. Good and bad are blurred in some respects.

This short story is followed up by a sequel. Some intriguing narrative points are laid in place that should result in a sequel with potential. I just wished this book was a little longer to establish the relationships between the characters a little more fully.

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