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Book Review: Book Idea Generator by James Green

Book Idea Generator by James Green 3/5

Are you struggling ato come up with ideas for your next book?
Want to know the best niches?

This book will focus your mind and help generate hundreds of ideas for your next book.

Book Idea Generator will demonstrate how you can release killer ideas for your next book.


This book is about helping writers (of non fiction in particular) find niche markets on subjects they may have knowledge, education, or experience in. It is a strategic look at generating book ideas that should sell well.

Now, strategy is one thing, to me, passion and strong knowledge or advice is another. I find it hard go grasp the concept of writing purely for sales. Passion shines through, even in non fiction. That essence could be lost.

A lot of the information provided seems to be common sense, but there are links to helpful tools, and the author’s own software.

If what you are after is a helpful guide into niche Amazon categories and keywords, then this book is for you.

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