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Book Review: Kindle Income by Alex Foster

Kindle Income by Alex Foster 2.5/5

This book covers the fundamentals to making a living writing books for Kindle. How to set up your book from cover to description to maximize sales.
How to get motivated and pick which books to write. A beginner’s guide to starting with Kindle with the intent to profit. How to gather a following and write quickly to publish books faster.


I have to review this book from two view points. Firstly, the book didn’t offer me anything I didn’t already know, but would probably help out a new writer with zero knowledge of self publishing.

Secondly, I have read a good few of the books this author has released, and the information is recycled somewhat from book to book. All that seems different is the titles.

These books are not helpful for writers with a general knowledge of self publishing, and the content isn’t much varied, but on the other hand, newbies might benefit from them.

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