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Book Review: Writing a Book a Week by Alex Foster

Writing a Book A Week by Alex Foster 3/5

My writing method is a focus on writing short, high quality books that bring value to readers. Most of my methods are for nonfiction, but many examples and ideas work well for fiction books, too.

Learn how to be profitable writing a book a week for Kindle and other book sites. The process is a true test of discipline and character. I share ideas that work for writing under this model and the motivation and mindset it takes to succeed.


This book doesn’t pretend that writing a non fiction book a week is easy. The author recommends 5 hours a day to complete this task. That’s dedication for even some full time writers.

Although the book focusses on quantity with quality, I do wonder how good research and well written content can truly be produced in one week.

I would be interested to hear from readers who have tried this system.

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