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Book Review: Write What Sells by Alex Foster

Write What Sells by Alex Foster 3/5

A beginner’s guide to book writing helping you write in categories that sell while finding niche topics that stand out. Focused mainly on nonfiction, many of the tips are valuable for fiction titles, as well. Learn how to:

  • Find categories that are profitable for self-publishers.
  • Research the potential of a book before you commit to writing it.
  • Find niches that will stand out from the competition.
  • Find great ideas to write great books.
  • Publish and use marketing and promotion effectively.


The title made me shudder a little because I am a true believer of ‘write what you’re passionate about’. Writing to sell books to me is a big no no, and your book will reflect that.

Upon reading, I discovered this book mostly targets non-fiction writers who want to make money selling content based books, mostly of the informative, instructive kind.

If you are one such writer, there are tips and advice for you about categories, niches, and marketing. And… its free.

This is an informative book, just not what I can benefit from.

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