Update 28/09/18

Writing Side of Things

I had hoped to find some more writing time now that my daughter is back at school, but adulting, mummy duties to my four month old, and catching up with old friends has meant only one writing session successfully took place. However, my new marketing schedule has gone well. I’ve seen an increase in Instagram followers, and a big increase in interaction on my blog.


It has been a non fiction month of reads for me. I’ve read a fair amount of writing based and book marketing ebooks, but no fiction. I plan to change that in October.

Here are the links to my reviews:

How to Make Money Blogging by Bob Lotich

Write What Sells by Alex Foster

Writing a Book a Week by Alex Foster

Kindle Reviews by Alex Foster

Coming Up

I have a couple of guest posts to finish and send. It has been a long while since I’ve been hosted on another blog, so I’m looking forward to it.

I’m open to more guest posts if any of the bloggers among you are interested.

Seeing as Halloween is fast approaching, I have scheduled a free promotion for Zombie Playlist from Oct 1st- 5th.

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Kindle Reviews by Alex Foster

Kindle Reviews by Alex Foster 4/5

Book Reviews teaches you how to get more reviews following proven methods used by publishers and successful independent authors. These methods are approved by Amazon (and other book vendors) and don’t violate terms of service.

Learn to avoid methods that get your account banned, and how to get some types of negative reviews removed.


Reviews are like gold dust to authors. I’m always looking for ways to boost reviews, and downloaded this book for that reason.

I found the information on studies carried out on the major book distributors interesting, and the advice about how to deal with Amazon and unfair/policy breaking reviews beneficial for future reference.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Writing a Book a Week by Alex Foster

Writing a Book A Week by Alex Foster 3/5

My writing method is a focus on writing short, high quality books that bring value to readers. Most of my methods are for nonfiction, but many examples and ideas work well for fiction books, too.

Learn how to be profitable writing a book a week for Kindle and other book sites. The process is a true test of discipline and character. I share ideas that work for writing under this model and the motivation and mindset it takes to succeed.


This book doesn’t pretend that writing a non fiction book a week is easy. The author recommends 5 hours a day to complete this task. That’s dedication for even some full time writers.

Although the book focusses on quantity with quality, I do wonder how good research and well written content can truly be produced in one week.

I would be interested to hear from readers who have tried this system.

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Write What Sells by Alex Foster

Write What Sells by Alex Foster 3/5

A beginner’s guide to book writing helping you write in categories that sell while finding niche topics that stand out. Focused mainly on nonfiction, many of the tips are valuable for fiction titles, as well. Learn how to:

  • Find categories that are profitable for self-publishers.
  • Research the potential of a book before you commit to writing it.
  • Find niches that will stand out from the competition.
  • Find great ideas to write great books.
  • Publish and use marketing and promotion effectively.


The title made me shudder a little because I am a true believer of ‘write what you’re passionate about’. Writing to sell books to me is a big no no, and your book will reflect that.

Upon reading, I discovered this book mostly targets non-fiction writers who want to make money selling content based books, mostly of the informative, instructive kind.

If you are one such writer, there are tips and advice for you about categories, niches, and marketing. And… its free.

This is an informative book, just not what I can benefit from.

The opinions expressed here are those of K.J. Chapman and no other parties

All books reviewed on this blog have been read by K.J.Chapman

K.J.Chapman has not been paid for this review