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Review: The Text by Claire Douglas

The Text by Claire Douglas 4/5.

A single text changed her life. Did it end his?

Emily Latimer is furious. Her boss Andrew is being so unreasonable, as always. She fires off a text to her boyfriend, only in her haste she sends it to her whole office group.

In it she says Andrew’s being difficult about letting her have time off work. That she is angry. That she hopes he dies. The next day her face burns in the office. No one believes her when she says it was a typo, she meant to say does. She hopes he does.

It’s a nightmare. But it gets worse – Andrew doesn’t turn up for work. And then the police come knocking. Because Andrew Burton has been murdered . . .


Imagine sending a scathing text to your friends list by accident. Imagine there’s a typo in it. I hope he does has been changed to I hope he dies. Then, the person you were texting about is murdered.

The blurb to this short is intriguing, and it is an intense read considering it is so few pages. That being said, I knew who was involved in the ‘who dunnit’ from early on. No spoilers!

This book was well written and believable. I’m not usually a thriller fan, but Douglas does it well.

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