Review: Free Recipe Ebooks

I had been wanting some new and exciting recipes for the summer, so I headed to Amazon. Before spending out money I decided to try some free recipe books which led to a massive downloading spree. So, which did find useful? Read on to find out.

25 Delicious Pasta Recipes by Sallie Stone 3/5

Some interesting pasta combinations that I will use this summer. I’m all for ease and time efficiency. However, recipe books need photos!

Five Ingredient Cookbook by Hannie. P. Scott 2/5

Basic recipes and not all from scratch. Mixing pre-made sauces and canned foods isn’t what I’m after. There are no photos to show the finished results.

30 Minute Meals by Hannie. P. Scott 3/5

Nothing I love more than quick, tasty recipes. These 30 min recipes are varied and achievable for even the most amateur of chefs. I would have liked pictures, though.

Crockpot Recipes by Nancy Kelsey 3/5

A large selection of recipes with something for everyone, but only a handful I want to try for myself.

Definitely worth a scan if you enjoy the simplicity of crock pot cooking.

Summer Cooking by Various Authors 3/5

There were a few unusual recipes that I found interesting and would like to try, but the majority were simple, common recipes most people would know how to create without the need for a recipe guide.

25 Delicious Chicken Recipes by Sallie Stone 2/5

Very simple recipes- not quite what I was looking for. Great for very amateur cooks. I would have liked pictures of the finished dishes.

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