Review: The Shelter by Sunhi Mistwalker

The Shelter by Sunhi Mistwalker 3/5

The world around ten year old Sunni Brown is crumbling. War, disease, and crushing poverty are every day realities. For a while? She counts herself amongst the lucky. But will she survive when she’s forced to live in an abandoned parking structure.

This is a scary future; but there are no werewolves, vampires, or zombies… in this future, human beings are the scariest creatures of all.


This story highlights the fall of humanity in every sense in a dystopian environment. Sunni’s experience is told in third person, but I reckon first person would have engaged me a little more. The author doesn’t shy away from the realities that the tenants face in the shelter, especially the women and girls.

This short story is a prequel to a novel. However, there wasn’t enough explanation and backstory for my liking. What happened to civilisation? Why are they in that hideous situation? I understand it is only a short story, but it didn’t tick all the boxes for a prequel.

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