I’m Back… Kinda

Can you believe that the new addition to our family is already over a month old?? The first few weeks have flown by, and I have not written a single page. Now we have established a routine, I plan to slowly get back into things.

I gave myself permission to take time out, but I still had withdrawal symptoms. I stemmed them by writing notes when I had a little time to my myself. I started reading again this week. I am working my way through the short stories on my Kindle. I am lucky to have a bubba who likes to get long stretches of sleep in at night, so I shall read and write in the evenings where possible.

I shall be popping on here with project updates and book reviews, but I’m certain they will be less frequent than usual.

Oh, and on a side note, I have put my Sisters All series on hold. There are a lot of narratives to interlink in the five novellas ready for the novel, and I don’t have the time to concentrate on it fully quite yet. I am, however, dipping back into my 2017 NaNo work. It is another zombie novella… Zombie Playlist fans will hopefully enjoy this one too.

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